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Agendas and edited minutes from City Fans United board meetings will appear here…

CFU informal meeting postponed

The informal City Fans United members meeting originally set for Thursday 29th March has been postponed due to the proximity to the Easter weekend.
The meeting was initially a ‘formal’ meeting, however, the formal meeting took place in the Blues Bar on Thursday 1st March, with the meeting on the 29th then planned to be an ‘informal’ one.
Once a new date has been fixed, we will also advise of the venue and kick off time.
We hope you all enjoy your Easter holidays and of course hope to see you at the Swansway Chester Stadium, on Good Friday for our match with Torquay United, with three excellent (we’ve avoided using the pun!) offers for the match, listed below.
– FREE Entry for Under 16s – please download this simple to complete form to then take to the game to claim your FREE ticket
– Reduced Adult prices on the Harry McNally Terrace – it’s just £10 for this match on the terrace!
– FREE Easter Egg for Under 12s – please visit the CFU Gazebo that will be outside the ticket office to claim your FREE Easter Egg! Please note it’s a limited supply and will be on a first come, first served basis and will be restricted to one egg per child!
See you there on Friday!

Rescheduled CFU meeting reminder

A reminder that the rescheduled CFU members meeting will be held Thursday night (8th March 2018) at 7.30pm in the Blues Bar, Chester Swansway Stadium.
The meeting was postponed last week due to the bad weather.
Chair’s introduction
Finance update
Working groups
Date of next meeting Thursday 12th April 2018 – this will be informal, venue to be confirmed.
Wrexham Tickets
Tickets for the Wrexham away fixture will also be available for sale from the ticket office between 6.45 and 7.20pm on Thursday evening.

From the boardroom…Sunday Supplement

As part of our desire and commitment to improve our communications to CFU members and fans, our new Chair, Simon Olorenshaw has put a piece together to provide a bit of light Sunday reading…
“Following the turmoil of the past 5 weeks I am pleased to say that we now have a settled Board, with all four co-optees having been successfully approved by the FA. I am also very proud, and privileged, to confirm that, at the Board Meeting on Monday evening, I received the backing of the rest of the Board and was elected to the role of Chair of the CFU. As many of you will know this is a position that I occupied in 2015/16 when I had to step down due to work commitments, and this re-appointment gives me the fortunate opportunity to complete the work started at that time.
As recent times have shown it is vital that, as a fans owned football club, there is a structure in place that allows for the continual evolution of Board members. Our Constitution dictates that at least a third of the Board stand for re-election every year so a change of people is inevitable. But that should not mean that a change in direction, or the way that the club is run should follow. As a Board it is our responsibility to ensure that there is a clearly defined strategy, with underpinning objectives and action plans, that provides the blue print for those who are charged with leading the club. This will ensure continuity and enable us to rebuild our proud club in a controlled and sustainable manner. As you would probably imagine there is a lot for the Board to focus on at the moment, both short term and long term, and it us my role to ensure that we get the balance right, whilst also developing a robust governance structure.
Once we have stabilised the club we have a duty to look back at the past season to review how we ended up with the situation that we found ourselves in on that fateful night on January 25th. Not to apportion blame, but to make sure that we learn from those lessons and ensure that we never repeat those same mistakes again. To that end we have introduced a new role onto the Board, that of a Non-Executive Director. Rich Lynes, who heads up our Governance Team, has kindly agreed to accept this position, and his role, which has no voting rights, is all about ensuring that the Board are operating within the guidelines set down by our Constitution, our Strategy, as it develops, and good business practice.
On the playing side I can assure you all that we have not given up on this season. Our financial position has been much publicised, and we have had to make some very tough decision to secure the future of our club, but we are also extremely grateful to the various sponsors who have enabled us to strengthen the squad. Whilst it is still mathematically achievable we will be doing everything in our gift to achieve survival in this League, and recent performances have shown that the players still have that belief.
Over the coming weeks I look forward to hearing your views on how we are doing as a Board so look out for me at CFU meetings, in the Blues Bar and around the ground before games. I want to ensure that, moving forward we build on the momentum and good-will that we have seen over the past five weeks, as we get back to the spirit that built this club in the first place, Our City Our Community Our Club.”

CFU board allocated portfolios

Following a meeting of the board of City Fans United directors this week, and the subsequent postponement of the members meeting originally scheduled for Thursday 1st March, details of the various portfolios for board members have been released.
With the exception of Chair, Simon Olorenshaw, each board member has had a portfolio assigned to them.
So, with immediate effect, the portfolios and owners, are:
Laurence Kirby – Finance
Mark Howell – Youth
Mike Day – Youth/Systems
Andrew Morris – People
David Harrington-Wright – Commercial
David Williams – Fundraising
Mark Jones – Governance
Calvin Hughes – First Team
Jeff Banks – Fan Engagement & Community
Richard Lynes holds no portfolio as non-executive director on the board, whilst Marion Needham continues in the role of CFU Secretary.
Simon will oversee all board members and their portfolios, whilst also acting as the figurehead for the CFU.
There will be an update on each of the working groups at next Thursday’s CFU members meeting, which starts at 7.30pm.
Members can renew their membership for the 2018/19 period on the night, and you can also join on the night as a new member or via the online link here
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday night!

CFU members meeting – POSTPONED

Tonight’s scheduled City Fans United members meeting at the Swansway Chester Stadium has been called off due to the adverse weather forecast and dangerous conditions in the car park.
The meeting has now been moved to next Thursday (8th March) – still in the Blues Bar at 7.30pm.

CFU board summary 18th January 2018

Summary of board meeting minutes 18th January 2018

In addition to board members attending this meeting, Richard Lynes in his role of chair of the Governance Committee attended to audit board meeting processes and procedures.

Report from CEO
Mark Maguire said that his main focus had been on the 100 club and that the PR launch was planned for later in the month, some commitments had been made by businesses and others were expected following the launch.

A date was still awaited for the James Alabi.

Following the Safety Advisory Group meeting there are no obstacles in respect of the Stagecoach proposal and a detailed proposal is now awaited which will be submitted to the board in the first instance.

Finance update

Laurence Kirby highlighted his concerns regarding the financial position – full details to be explained at the CFU meeting on 25th January.

Working groups

Following a meeting of the board, with some former directors, key stakeholders and volunteers, it had been agreed that a number of working groups be established, these were:
• Football
• Membership/community/fan engagement
• Commercial/Fundraising
• Strategy

Terms of reference will be set for each group and they will meet regularly and feedback to the CFU board, their notes will be published on the CFU website.

CFU meeting

The agenda for the CFU meeting was agreed and subsequently published on the CFU website.

Operations board

The minutes of the Operations board held on 18th December, 2017 were noted, also that an update on Health and Safety had been produced.

Volunteer strategy

Andrew Morris had produced a draft volunteer strategy which will be discussed at a future meeting.

CFU board summary – 14 December 2017

When the board met on14th December, they received a presentation on the General Data Protection Regulations from Susan Oldfield who is a member of the governance team; these new regulations will be introduced in 2018 and plans have to be put in place to ensure that the football club is compliant.

The regulations will cover how data is:

· Collected
· Stored
· Processed
· Secured and handled
· Clear responsibilities will have to be assigned to both CFU board members and staff.

The first step in staring to implement these new regulations will be to undertake an audit – Mark Jones is the director with the lead on this issue.

Mark Maguire attended the board to provide an update on progress in the establishment of the 100 club that has previously been referred to at CFU meetings, the aim is still to launch this initiative in January 2018. MM reported that discussions are ongoing regarding the possible Stagecoach development and there is a new initiative to tray and increase attendances at home games with the use of advance ticket sales.

In addition to a small selection of merchandise being on sale in the Evening Leader Office, the Tourist Information office on the Town Hall square have a limited range of merchandise.

LK provided an update on the financial position which showed the continuing trend of match day attendance being lower than planned and the associate spends also being down – programmes and 50/50.

Following the recent announcement at the informal CFU meeting in November, there was further discussion relating to reporting arrangements by Directors at CFU board meetings, JH had produced a template for income generation reports and also for membership and engagement reports. It was agreed that these should be used by all directors.

A policy regarding safeguarding of vulnerable adults was approved and it was agreed that there should be a page devoted to safeguarding on the club website and this will include copies of relevant policies relating to safeguarding.

The minutes form the operations board held on 27th November and 4th December were received – the issues covered at these meetings had already been discussed as part of MM’s report.

A calendar of meetings for the year was agreed Board meetings
18th January
22nd February
22nd March
19th April
17th May
14th June
12th July
9th August
6th September
4th October
1st November
6th December

CFU board summary – 16th November 2017

Calum McIntyre attended the most recent board meeting on 16th November, 2017 – he briefed the board on the Academy Strategy and highlighted the professional approach of our volunteer coaches and the work that had been undertaken in respect of Continuing Professional Development in preparation for the new season.

Calum also provided details of the working of the recently established Youth Team Scholarship scheme. This scheme enables the club to offer a similar programme to that of other clubs at the same level and above and will help with recruitment.

Ron Smith, who has previously been co-opted to the Operations Board was co-opted again for a further year.

Finance – noted that in terms of gate money the club is slightly ahead of budget with the Wrexham game having taken place recently, although some areas are below budget including programme sales. Changes were agreed to the bank mandates with the change in director appointments.

The main issue for discussion related to new ways of working for the board with all business being grouped into 3 areas – see full details on the CFU website.

Future CFU meetings – it is proposed that there will be 6 formal meetings a year (including the AGM) the dates for these will be published in advance at the start of the year. In the months in between it is proposed that these meetings will become more along the lines of a fans forum and be open to wider than CFU membership; they will be held in various locations in and around Chester rather than at the football club.