2022 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Thursday 3rd November 2022

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of City Fans United and Chester Football Club will be held on Thursday, 3rd November 2022 at 7.30pm.  Doors will be open at 7pm..

The meeting will be held in the Blues Bar at the stadium. 

If you are not able to attend, please send your votes in on the ballot paper and proxy form direct to the Returning Officer (Mr Philip Young).

If you have any questions for the AGM, please send these in to Chris Robson. Nearer the date of the meeting you will be sent an invite to join via Microsoft Teams on the night.

The following papers are linked for your consideration:


Draft minutes of the AGM 2021


Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statement of Financial Position for the year ended May 2022.  A full set of the Financial Report for the year ended May 2022 with accompanying Independent Accountants Report will be posted on the CFU website and copies may be obtained on request by contacting me by email.

Five candidate manifestos from prospective Board members
(which include a photograph)

Official Ballot Paper

Proxy form

Four directors’ posts were advertised as available and the Election Management Group has agreed five nominations. The candidates have each provided a manifesto containing information about themselves together with a photograph for your consideration and these are linked to this email.

As the number of candidates exceeds the available places, an election needs to take place.  We have obtained the assistance of another club to act as a scrutineer and returning officer to oversee the receipt and counting of your votes independently.  This year, Phillip Young, from Bury AFC will be performing this role.

You may vote for a maximum of four candidates by placing a cross next to the candidates of your choice on the ballot paper provided.  Your ballot paper is separate from your proxy form to ensure that your vote remains confidential and will be separated when our colleague at Bury opens your envelope or receives your email.  Neither the proxy form nor ballot form will be seen by anyone at CFU/Chester Football Club.  This is the only method of voting for candidates, as you will not be able to vote on the night at the AGM.

What to do next

Please complete both the Election Ballot Paper and the Proxy voting form and return these to Philip Young, the returning officer using the home address or email at the bottom of the ballot paper and proxy form.  Please DO NOT return the forms to the Chester Deva Stadium

And finally

The AGM is a key time for CFU members and we are hoping for a good attendance at this meeting.  You will see there are some very important items on the agenda.  Live streaming has been available in the past for the AGM and CFU meetings.  This year the streaming will be through Microsoft Teams.  The details on how to access it, will be put on the CFU “meeting” page.   For those attending it would be helpful if you could arrive promptly on the night so that we can start on time.

Yours sincerely

Christine R Robson