10th February 2010 – The Day Chester City Football Club Died

The indignity of failing to fulfil last night’s fixture at Forest Green followed by the announcement that we are unable to host our local rivals Wrexham on Sunday means that Chester City Football Club has effectively ceased to be. We have been tested to the limit as supporters and our support base has been driven down to a rump through incompetence and worse.

The current owner has forfeited the right to be associated with our great City’s once proud football team.  It is painful beyond measure to say this as loyal Chester City supporters but we must and we will start again.  The scale of debt incredibly incurred in such a short space of time renders the Club (Chester City Football Club 2004 Ltd) beyond redemption.  We are therefore calling on the football authorities to act swiftly and decisively to put the Club out of its miserable state.  Further delay will simply prolong the agony and will not result in anything positive.

We would like to reassure all Chester City Supporters that this is not the end – but the beginning of a community led football club that we can all be proud of.  We have already begun to talk to the Football authorities, the Council and teams that have been through similar experiences (such as AFC Telford, AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester).  We are certain that a football club in Chester will rise again, better than ever.

We know it will be tough and we do not underestimate the hard work and hurdles that will need to be cleared to make it happen. We will need the support of everyone who has supported Chester in the past together with others who now might want to work with us to build a new Club from scratch.

Finally, we would like to reassure the FA and other football authorities that we are determined that the new football club in Chester will be run to the highest standards.  It will be inclusive and will fulfil an active role in the community.  It will be a great advert for football and everything positive about our national game.  We are more aware than anyone of how tarnished the reputation of Chester has become due to the way in which our club’s affairs have been conducted for a considerable period.

All we ask is the opportunity to put that right as soon as possible.

City Fans United, 10th February, 2010