2011 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of City Fans United and Chester FC will commence on Thursday 24th November in the Blues Bar at the Exacta Stadium, Bumpers Lane, Chester, CH1 4LT, and will start at 8pm.

The majority of AGM business will be conducted on this evening, however a residual of business will be held over to an adjourned meeting due to time constraints encountered in bringing certain items to the meeting on the 24th.  The date of the adjourned meeting will be announced at the first AGM meeting.

We would ask that as many members as possible attend as we have a number of important items that need to be discussed.

AGM Agenda – 24th November

During the AGM the following items will be presented / discussed:
•    Minutes of AGM on 27th May 2010 and SGM on 16th November 2010
•    Board’s Annual Report
•    Merger of Chester City Exiles with City Fans United
•    Accounts for the Financial Year ending May 2011 & Accountant’s Independent Examination Report
•    Election of Board members
•    Any Other Business

AGM Agenda – Adjourned Meeting

During the AGM the following items will be presented / discussed:
•    Auditors Report for the Financial Year ending May 2011
•    Appointment of Auditors for 2012
•    Adoption of Supporters Direct Model Rules (2011) for a Supporter-run club
•    Any Other Business

Items for consideration at the first meeting have been sent to members by either email or regular mail depending on the details we hold. Items for the second meeting will be communicated to members two weeks before the date of the adjourned meeting.

If you have not yet received your AGM details, please email agm2011@cityfansunited.com with your name and membership number and advise of any changes to the email address or physical address that we should hold for you.

You can also use the same email address should you have any questions or queries on the information you have received.

We look forward to seeing you on the 24th.

Campbell Smith