Board candidate applications reminder

The board of City Fans United would like to remind members that the deadline for applying to stand for election to the board is this Friday, October 23rd.

It has also come to the board’s attention, yesterday, that some members haven’t received the email inviting applications to the board which was sent out on October 5th. We have checked our IT systems for everyone who has contacted the club about this issue and found that the emails have been sent out to everyone who has been in touch so please check your spam folders. This seems to be a particular problem for hotmail accounts.

Just in case the spam filter on your particular email has rejected the email outright we have reproduced the letter sent to members below, with the relevant forms.


Dear Member

The date of the AGM has already been published and I now formally confirm that it will be Thursday 26th November 2015. I am writing to all our members to invite them to stand for election to the board of City Fans United and Chester Football Club. Members will be aware that last year we appointed eight new directors; this time due to resignations during the year there will be a total of four vacancies, to bring our numbers back up to our normal board number of ten.

The directors who will continue are:

• Neil Bellis

• Brian Burns

• Mike Day

• Jim Keegan

• Grenville Millington

• John Reddy

At the last CFU meeting members were advised that there would be an opportunity to meet existing board members prior to the CFU meeting planned for 5th October; this information was also published on the CFU website. I appreciate that this date has now passed and if you were unable to take advantage of this opportunity but would still like to meet with a director please let me know as soon as possible and I will try and make the necessary arrangements for this to happen. If elected you will have the opportunity to contribute to the future success and on-going development of Chester FC and City Fans United; you will normally serve as a Director for a period of three years before standing down or being re-elected. More information about the role of a director is attached.

To be eligible to stand for election, you must be 18 years of age or over and be a current member of City Fans United. You must also pass the FA ‘Owners and Directors’ test, which is broadly similar to our requirements of board members:

• You must not be a disqualified director

• You must not be subject to a bankruptcy order or an have an Individual Voluntary arrangement in place with creditors

• You must not have any unspent criminal convictions

Should you wish to put yourself forward for one of the vacant board positions there is a Nomination Form download here or please contact myself or the club for a printed copy. Also available for download is the ‘Duties of a Director‘ document

You should complete the form and also obtain two nominations from other members of City Fans United. The nominations can take the form of a signature on your application form, or can be provided separately by email in support of your application if you are unable to obtain a physical signature from your sponsor.

You also have the opportunity to write a manifesto of not less than 400 words and up to a maximum of 1000 words. The manifesto should be used to sell the skills and expertise that you can bring to the board. You should also include a passport size photograph of yourself which can be circulated to members along with your manifesto. There will be no campaigning other than circulation of the manifestos; this includes self promotion of any form including use of social media. Full details of the election policy are included on the CFU website. In the event that we have more applications than places available, an election will be held and members will use this information to elect candidates of their choice to the board.

Prior to election you will be required to complete the FA Owners’ & DirectorsTest, the requirements relating to this may be viewed at Nominations with your manifesto should be returned to me at the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium, Bumpers Lane, Chester CH1 4LT and marked private and in confidence to arrive no later than 4pm on Friday 23rd October 2015.

If you have any questions on the election process or on board membership in general please contact me via email Finally, on behalf of the board, thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Marion Needham

Secretary, Chester City Supporters’ Society