Board Meeting Summary January 2015

The following is a summary of items discussed at the recent City Fans United board meeting…

Youth development – discussions are on going to produce a final job specification for the post to lead the scholars academy, when this is done and confirmation of funding received the new post will be advertised. This will be open to anyone with the required qualifications.

Finance update – the club maintains its balanced financial position at the end of Quarter 2 and has a good cash position as a result of the recent success in the FA cup. It was agreed that the playing budget should be reviewed so that further resources could be allocated to Steve Burr to enable him to strengthen the playing squad. It was also noted that some players had gone out on loan and that others may be leaving which would also free up some money.

Commercial update – there is only one game for which sponsorship is still required and ball sponsorship is still required for 3 games and 5 programme sponsors are still required.

Membership of the operations board has now changed with the resignations of Tony Durkin and Steve Harvey.

John Martin and Brian Burns have now joined Jim Keegan on that board and Tracey Wainwright also attends each week with others (Steve Povey, Andy Cummins, Steve Baker, Steve Olerenshaw and Calvin Hughes being invited on a rotational basis.)

Volunteer groups – updates were received from the various groups that had met.

Communications strategy – the board received and approved a new communications strategy, this had been produced in response to concerns raised about the need for the board to improve communications. This document will be published in full on the CFU website and the governance group will be responsible for monitoring its effectiveness and there will also be an annual review of this document by the board.

The legal negotiations relating to the lease of the ground from Cheshire West and Chester Council have now been completed and it is expected there will be a formal signing ceremony very shortly.

A number of the concerns relating to stadium safety have been addressed, these include the completion of the emergency lighting and removal of rubbish.

A review of the PA system is also being undertaken.

The next board meeting will take place on 12th February and there will be a formal CFU meeting on 5th February