CFU board agenda for May 2016

The board will meet on Wednesday 11th May and has a longer than usual agenda.

At the start of the meeting they will be joined by Richard Lynes and Tom Jones from the governance group who will be feeding back on the results of a recent audit which looked and some of the working practices and procedures within the club.

Richard has also worked with Marion Needham to review the Election policy as requested at the last AGM.

There will be a number of updates on issues discussed at previous meetings;

Arrangements to replace FLi contract – the new website

Progress on the strategic plan Health and safety – annual update

Season tickets arrangements

Now the new manager has been appointed arrangements for filling the new CEO role will be discussed and also arrangements for meeting the Manager and a relaunch of the Junior Blues.

The board will also receive updates on the following:


Operations board


Youth section

HR issues

CFU Updates from Volunteer groups