CFU board agenda for October 2016

As this will be the first board meeting after the AGM the format of the meeting will be slightly different to normal in that the board will have to:



Vice Chairman


Appoint a Secretary

Make appointments to Operations board A

s the board does not have the full complement of directors it will be necessary to consider possible names for co-option to the board and also to review the current director portfolios

After that it will be back to business as usual picking up on matters arising from the meeting held on 15th September, 2016 including:

Arrangements to replace FLi contract

Progress on the strategic plan

Family zone

Disability Liaison Officer

There will then be the standing items:


Operations board

Commercial update

Youth section

Updates from Volunteer groups

The board wil also:

Receive an update on progress relating to governance audits

Consider dates for CFU meetings for the remainder of the season and possible speakers for the informal meetings

Consider a proposal from the former players association for the next appointment to the Hall of Fame