CFU Board Summary – 19 September 2017

The board met on 19th September 2017.  The following reports were made:

Mike Day – slow progress is being made with the implementation of the new CRM system. In respect of membership, following the most recent reminder to lapsed members a number had renewed and membership was almost as high as last year. On the youth front, the pitch at Boughton Hall is being used on a trial basis for the youth team who remain top of their league. The scholar’s team are now playing fixtures on a Wednesday afternoon and the team has included some of the younger first team players. The construction of the new classroom for use of the scholars is progressing well.

David Harrington-Wright – has had further discussions with Mark Maguire regarding the proposal to establish a business club and it is expected that this will be launched shortly.

Jonny Hughes – work is ongoing to review the policy relating to the operations board and CFU board. A new date was proposed for the next joint board meeting with the community trust. Work is being undertaken on the chair’s report for the AGM. Marcus Bignot will be invited to the next CFU meeting which is planned for 23rd November. There have been some resignations from the fundraising group and the board were keen to ensure that the valuable work of this group continues.

Laurence Kirby – an update was provided on match day attendances , this showed a short fall in the plan; this would impact on the budget predictions and it was hoped that attendances would improve.

Andrew Morris and Anne Salmon – a number of HR issues had not been progressed due to the selection process for the Football Manager.

David O’Toole – work was underway with the Community Trust relating a joint effort with the Chester marathon. It was a agreed that a group should be set up to look at promoting Squadbuilder.

Sam Swash – the extension of ‘Slack’ as a communication tool for board members was agreed. Comments were made on the draft Director’s handbook that had been produced and it was agreed that this would be particularly useful for new Directors.

Neil Bellis – circulated a proposal about a possible charity partner for the season and it was agreed that this needed further investigation .

Brian Burns – he reported that he had progressed issues with disabled facilities as far as possible and this would now be for someone else to take on he also provided an update on health and safety issues.

Marion Needham provided an update on Safeguarding.

Operations board – the feedback from the operations board was mainly relating to the recruitment of the football manager.

Jonny Hughes thanked Brian for all his work on the board as he is not standing for election, also all other directors and expressed the hope that any directors not appointed to the board may continue in a volunteer capacity.