CFU Board Summary – 24 August 2017

The board met on 24th August, 2017 and were joined by Ron Smith who is a co-opted director on the operations board, his perception from an external perspective was that the operations board was working well and played a vital part in the day to day running of the club.

Reports from directors:

Brian Burns – Health and Safety – the board received an updated version of the Stallard Kane Health & Safety audit , this showed progress to date. It was also confirmed that fire testing arrangements were in place and the report on the legionellae assessment had been received. The views of the Inclusive Blues were noted and that their preference was for them to have full access to the stadium and options are now being explored

Mike Day – IT, youth and link to the Community Trust – MD confirmed that the academic element of the scholarship scheme would start in September and they had been playing friendlies in the meantime. Noted that the youth team had won their first fixture beating Altrincham 5-1. MD will be moving forward with the new arrangements of the CRM system. Also noted that the Community Trust had been successful in securing charitable status.

David Harrington-Wright – Commercial – noted that DHW had identified a number of businesses who may be interested in sponsorship, they are being followed up by Mark Maguire.

Jonny Hughes – chair and fundraising – JH said that a group was still working on the review of the CFU board and operations policy and it was expected there would be draft for consideration at the next board. A number of agenda items were agreed for the joint board meeting with the Community Trust which will be held on 9th September. Dates were set for the next CFU meetings – 14th September formal and 23rd November informal, with the AGM taking place on 5th October between these two meetings. Noted that the fundraising group has not met recently and there had been no response to the recent advertisement for a volunteer to link with the fundraising group and the board.

Finance – Laurence Kirby – LK presented the end of year accounts to the board and these were approved, full details will be presented at the AGM

HR/OD/governance – Andrew Morris and Anne Salmon – noted that work is continuing to implement an appraisal system and a number of HR policies and the board agreed the code of conduct for staff and volunteers (the document will be posted in full on the CFU website.) Noted that the governance group will undertake a full audit of processes early in 2018.

Membership and volunteers – David O’Toole – there was a discussion about a proposal to produce an ownership gift pack and it was agreed that this needed to be investigated further. Agreed that the club should work with the community trust on marketing the club.

Business intelligence and research – Sam Swash – work is continuing on the development of a handbook for directors and SS had been looking at the community share scheme that has been considered previously, agreed that this would be a matter to be considered for a major project. SS also asked for ideas to mark the 25th anniversary.

Safeguarding – Marion Needham had produced a paper on safeguarding as she will be taking over the Welfare Officer role from Sophie Thompson. The board reaffirmed its commitment to the FA safeguarding children policy and agreed that a number of other staff and volunteers would need to undertake a criminal records check to ensure full compliance.

Neil Bellis – Communications/Exiles/Senior Blues – noted that NB had sent in comments on various issues as he was unable to attend, it was confirmed that arrangements were in place for the bucket collection on 28th August.

Operations board – two sets of minutes were received and discussed, noted that Dougherty and Allen would be taking over responsibility for catering and bars from 1st September, 2017.