CFU Board Summary – 25 July 2017

The board is working in a slightly different way and future minutes and summary notes will be based on reports back from the directors and secretary on their various portfolios:

Neil Bellis reported on the recent launch of the new website and said he felt it had gone well, there are still a few minor issues to be resolved in respect of loading fixtures and results and it is expected that this will be resolved shortly.

Brian Burns said that the was continuing to progress outstanding items from the H&S agenda and he also provided an update on the work being undertaken regarding the viewing area for wheelchair users. This group had been involved in recent discussions and were quite keen to pursue the option (accepting that it was the most expensive) for a lift to enable them to have access to the legends lounge and the board room; possible funding sources are being explored.

The youth team had undertaken a pre season tour of Scotland and whilst they had drawn one game and lost the other, both had been against older age groups. Work continues on the scholarship academy with Warrington Collegiate now being the preferred provider. Since the board meeting the work on creating a class room in the west stand has commenced.

Mike Day was on holiday and Marion Needham reported on his behalf that the new arrangements for the CiviCRM system would be taken forward when he returned.

David Harrington-Wright said he was continuing to work with Mark Maguire to explore possible commercial investments in the club.

Jonny Hughes said he had met with the fundraising group and it had been agreed that a volunteer role should be created to at as a link to the board (this role has now been advertised.) There was a discussion about the Junior Blues and it was agreed that responsibility should pass from the CFU to the club who would engage the Community Trust to manage the operation, this is to happen with immediate effect.

Laurence Kirby said that the end of year accounts were with the auditors and it was expected that they would be completed within the next four weeks. He has said that investigations were on going relating to the option of having a 3G pitch.

Andrew Morris was on holiday but had circulated two draft policies relating to probation periods and managing performance/supervision, these were for consideration and will be checked out with the club’s legal advisers before they are finally agreed.

David O’Toole was unable to attend and there was a discussion about a letter that it is proposed to send to members, together with a flyer, with the aim being to try and get existing CFU members to encourage new members to join. This letter and flyer will be sent out with the second round of letters relating to the AGM.

Anne Salmon had circulated a paper on a management training scheme being run by an external company and it was agreed that the best way of considering development needs for current staff would be through the normal performance review arrangements.

Sam Swash had produce a pack proposing the use of ‘Slack’ as a means of improving communications between board members, there were some concerns about security of data but agreed that it should be implemented on a trial basis with a test group.

Marion Needham had collated the bids for bucket collections for the season 2017/2018 and it was agreed that two should be allocated to the Youth Academy and that one should be allocated to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to support Vicki Griffiths (Tom Peers sister) who had been paralysed as a result of a recent accident. This collection will take place at the game v Macclesfield on Monday 28th August. The Hospice of the Good Shepherd was also allocated a bucket collection – date to be agreed for the Youth Academy and the Hospice. The also reported that the external scrutineer for the AGM will be from Wrexham

Two sets of minutes were received from the operations board and it was noted that Jon McCarthy had made a presentation to them regarding the pre season preparations and plans for the season, this presentation has also to be made to the CFU meeting and the Senior Blues.