CFU Board Summary – 29 June 2017

This is a summary of the board meeting held on 29th June 2017

Matters arising:

• FLi contract – noted that the new website is due to launch on 30th June, JH thanked all involved for their work in taking this forward and the importance of actually owning was agreed.

• Facilities for disabled supporters – still on-going; a written quote from Gibbs was higher than expected. DHW had suggested another company from which a quote is being obtained. As previously discussed there will be additional cost for creating more disabled parking spaces and improving the pathway access.

• Proposal to have a 3G pitch – LK reported no progress, but that he hoped to get further information from Bala and Newtown in respect of their business model. Also noted that there was less support from the football side. MD said that the Community Trust had met with the Council who were supportive of developing a 3G pitch at Kings playing field. MM is investigating the availability of grant funding.

• Health and safety – BB reported continuing progress with the H&S action list and a range of risk assessments had been produced which are due to be signed off next week.

• CRM database – MD said that following the launch of the new website the move to the new arrangement would now be progressed. There had also been discussions regarding importing of season ticket data, and with LK regarding the introduction of go-cardless which would enable direct debits to be undertaken. MD said that in view of season ticket activity it was likely to be mid August before the new arrangements were progressed.

Output from the Board Away Day:

• Portfolios – allocation agreed and that there were gaps in key areas namely community and volunteers. NB agreed to take on the link to the Exiles and Senior Blues and JH with support from DHW would take on the Junior Blues. DO’T to take on volunteers with support from MN.

• Appraisals – arrangements proposed agreed.

• Communications between directors – noted that MM had been investigating cloud based office 365 and SS was looking at Slack. Board reports normally to be circulated with the agenda to allow proper consideration.

• Engagement with CFU members and wider supporter base – agreed to ask members at the next CFU meeting what they want in terms of frequency and content. Agreed that there was a need to promote general fan engagement and CFU membership out in local communities.

• Operations board – agreed that no changes need to be made to the current reporting.

• Standards and behaviour for volunteers/employees – actions from away day noted, this is a work in progress.

• Current strategy document – agreed that the strategy needs to be owned and refreshed.

• Volunteers on match days– the board accepted by a majority decision the proposal that all volunteers should pay for their match day admission. Further work needs to be undertaken regarding an event for volunteers.

• Governance and risk – AM and AS to take forward.


LK referred to the paper he had circulated at the start of the meeting. He highlighted the importance of the healthy balance sheet with strong liquidity. In respect of the budget for 2017-2018 this had been unconditionally approved by the national league and will continue to be refined with version 2 being available at the start of the playing season. Also noted that JMcC is due to attend the CFU meeting on 27th July.

Operations Board:

Minutes from the meetings held on 5th and 19th June were received. Noted that MN would be taking on the role of Welfare Officer following attendance at a training course in August; also that there is still an intention to relocate the office into the shop.


Agreed that a further email reminder regarding membership renewal should be undertaken, also a reminder on the club website which would link back to the CFU website. Any paper communications needed to be linked to AGM mail shot. Also agreed that any potential future board members should be invited to meet directors prior to the next CFU meeting.

Youth Section:

Noted that CMcI had been offered a permanent contract. The youth section would be having their annual pre season trip to Scotland and there was no further information regarding the trip to Poland. Coach recruitment had been successful and CPD sessions had taken place and a series of meetings with parents.


MN referred to the board paper which set out that there would be 7 director posts available for election at the AGM, to bring the board up to the level of 10 which had previously been agreed as the optimum.

The next CFU Board meeting will be held on 25th July, 2017 at 6.30pm with JMcC attending.