CFU Board Summary – April 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel (Chair) Mike Vickers (by video link), Nick Phillipson, Jeff Banks, Mike Day (by video link), Ian Swettenham, Oliver Hill, Jim Green, Matt Dickenson, Charlotte Walker (by video link), Kate Mylchreest and Adam Langan.  In attendance: Georgina Slawinski and Christine Robson.

Apologies: None

Minutes of Meeting held on 4th March 2023 were accepted as a correct record.  No matters were arising.

Conflict of Interest.  None to report for this month.

Action Log Review.  Kieron went through; all outstanding actions with portfolio holders and set new dates for completion.

Football Update.  Jim stated that the team had qualified for the play-offs.  One of them would be at home.  The split will be 50/50 after costs to both teams.  Looking at pre-season games.  One will most probably be against Stockport County.  Looking at a possible seven friendlies of which one could be away to the “Isle of Man”.  The new company which is supplying our kits this year also supply kits for the Isle of Man.

Finance Update.  Matt D had sent a paper to all board members regarding the finances and went through it at the meeting.  Concern that the club must stay within the budget agreed.  A sub-group will look at all the finances and bring back recommendations to the board.  Would need to have another official board meeting as soon as feasibly possible.  Looking at a possible date of 11th May 2023.  Adam asked about the playoffs and how many fans could the stadium accommodate.  Jeff stated that the stadium held 5,126, of which 600 tickets must be given to away teams.   Discussions took place about the distribution of the tickets and options that were mentioned were:

Season Ticket holders, CFU members and then General Sales.

Commercial Update. Georgina, Jim and Albert had met with regards to “End of Season” awards.  We had 5 sponsors.  Georgina has also acquired a company called “Positive Planet” who are wanting to work with the club over the next three years.

Commercial brochure was still in progress.  All items have been done.  Just waiting to sort out printing.

We now have companies coming to us wanting to be involved with the club.  Chester Zoo is now a programme sponsor.

Board Strategy. Oliver had circulated a paper covering ideas towards where the board needed to work regarding the club.  Amongst the ideas, five seemed to be consistent.

CFU Rebrand, Artificial Pitch. Supporters Experience, Ownership Structure (Setup of CFU with CCFC and Community Trust) and the Women’s Team.

As all the above were very in-depth, it was suggested that each one be tackled individually and made an item on the agenda each month.

Harry Mac and Season Tickets. Jeff had circulated a paper to the board with regards to increasing prices for next season.  He then went through all the options.  Season tickets would be released on sale on 2nd May 2023.  It was decided that any tickets sold between 2nd May and prior to the end of the season/early bird, would be honoured, regardless of what league we were in.

AOB. Mike had asked about streaming and the review would be for the club.


Next Board meeting would be either held on 4th or 11th May 2023 by zoom.