CFU Board summary – December 2016

Here is a summary of the discussions which took place at our December board meeting. 

· Discussions continue regarding the arrangements to replace FLi – full content audit to be completed by end of year

· Bob Marsden has taken on the role of Disability Liaison Officer

· A design for provision of facilities to provide cover for wheelchair supporters is awaited

· Work continues on the production of the strategy to cover the next five years

· Assurances were given that our arrangements for Safeguarding are in place and our policy is based on the FA RESPECT campaign

· Work continues regarding the development of the scholarship scheme

· Some reminders have been sent to those CFU members who have not yet renewed their membership

· The agenda for the joint board meeting with the Community Trust was agreed and the meeting took place on 17th December

· Dates for board meetings for 2017 were agreed