CFU Board Summary – December 2023

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on Saturday 16th December 2023 in the Board Room at Chester Deva Stadium 

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Oliver Hill, Jeff Banks, Matt Dickenson, Jim Green, Mike Day, Steve Jones, William Lamb and Charlotte Walker. 

In attendance – Christine Robson 

Apologies: None. 

Minutes of Meeting held on 21st October 2023 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record. 

Directors InterestsChris Robson reminded everyone to complete and return their completed Directors of Interest forms which were a mandatory requirement of being on the board. 

Portfolio Review – KS stated that historically there had been one director for each portfolio.  In some of the portfolios more than one director is needed.  Where this is the case, there should always be one director who takes ownership of it.  We need to align with recent staff changes and use new staff more.  The portfolios had been split into three groups for approval. 

Group 3 – requires a director on his/her own. 

Group 2 – requires a director to own and one other to formally support. 

Group 1 – requires a director to own and having a working group which could include directors and other volunteers.  Priority does not reflect importance, as all the portfolios are important. 

KS had already met several directors but there were still gaps for opportunities.  A discussion was had and directors were asked to commit to those areas and portfolios that they could work on.  KS was happy for Group 3 to stay with one director. 

All directors and their roles would be put on the CFU website by CW, once KS and CRR had checked them all. 

General Manager Recruitment KS stated that the club had four options.  One – Recruit a direct replacement.  Two – Share tasks with staff and recognise by improved remuneration.  Three – Recruit part time to cover the gaps.  Four – We do nothing.  Discussions were had and it was decided that KS would set up a small group of directors to discuss the way forward with the GM role. 

Football – JG stated that Calum was happy with where the players were at.  There are a few loans out.  Some contracts are up for renewal. 

Talks with CWAC – The council had previously given the club money to enhance the stadium.  For some reason, the contract which was coming to an end in 2020 was not renewed and subsequently, the club has being trying for the last four years to getting it renewed.  The money is thee to be used, but the club cannot touch it until the contract has been signed by CWAC.  Talks have taken place with members of the council, but nothing seems to be happening.  The club will continue to try and meet someone from CWAC to get it sorted. 

Budget Process – Mike Vickers asked whether the board intended starting the budget process in January?  One of the main concerns is sponsors.  KS stated that a small group would be looking at this early in January 2024. 

Governance – Mike Vickers stated that a gentleman who he had met through Fair Game expressed an interest in being on the Board.  KS stated that he would speak to the gentleman and see what he thought he could give to the club. 

GWG refurbishments – Nick Phillipson had asked GWG to set out the invoices more clearly as to the expenditure of some items within the bar.  The board were waiting for new invoices. 

Date of next meeting – Next formal board meeting would be Saturday 6th January 2024 at Leap76 stadium.