CFU board summary – February 2017

CFU board – summary of the minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2017

FLi contract – MBNA are continuing their work on developing a new website in readiness for when the FLi contract ceases in June 2017.Data from the National League will be updated automatically.

Facilities for disabled supporters – there was a very long discussion about this and the need to make progress in this area, a quote had been received for a shelter but there was concern about how this might obstruct the view of other fans, so it was proposed that a mock up be put in place to assist with the decision making.

Strategy – it was agreed that the board should have an extra meeting on 20th February 2017 to further develop the strategy.

Co-option of directors – the wording of an advertisement was agreed and that it should be circulated as soon as possible to try and increase director numbers.

Risk register – this is to be reviewed further at the next board meeting.

Health and safety – progress was being made on all issues in this area and Stallard Kane are due to undertake their annual review before the end of February and Mark Maguire will be assisting with this.

Finance – it was reported that the pay at the game income had increased with the Wrexham game and it was hoped that this would increase further with the Tranmere game. Whilst there were a number of sources of important income e.g. Squad builder, Seals Lottery and CFU membership, It was agreed that there was a need to target some larger sums of income and Mark Maguire was looking at this.

Operations board – notes from recent meetings were received and they included updates on: Preparation for the H&S audit The recent addition of MBNA branding Options being considered for the end of season awards night Planning for season ticket sales 2017/2018 Arrangements for workplace pensions Preparation for the televised game v Gateshead Away kit for next season

Commercial – a commercial website is being developed which will be totally separate from the club website.

Youth section – discussions continue regarding the development of a scholarship scheme.