CFU Board Summary – February 2023

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, , Ian Swettenham, Mike Vickers (via video link), Jeff Banks, Oliver Hill, and Mike Day.

In attendance – Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Christine Robson (Secretary), Alex Owen (not notified), |Charlotte Walker, Kate Mylchreest, Adam Langan, and Matt Dickenson.

Minutes of Meeting held on 21st January 2023 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Conflicts of InterestNo additional information be added to any director’s details.  Kieron informed the Board that he had turned down an opportunity as this would have created a conflict of interest for him and would have had to step down from the Board.

Action Log Review – No review in detail due to agenda items and proximity of previous meeting.

Sportwear Tender – Kieron shared the work he had been doing with Georgina to the Board.  Sent out 14 offers to tender and received 10 responses. (more than expected).  They have all been revied and scored against multiple criteria.  The bottom half of the companies have been notified.  The other four plus the incumbent had been invited in to discuss their tenders in more detail.  Areas of focus included but not exclusive to were – Cost to the Club, Retail Profit, Ethical Sourcing, Quality, Order Process and why did they want to work with our club.

Update on education room – Nick gave an update on the costings.  Georgina stated that TL training may be a possible user once the room is converted.  Nick had discussed potential priorities with Oliver and Kieron and would present these at the next Board meeting.

Football Update – Jim went through current injuries and start dates for some players.  Lewis Earl back after Tuesday’s game against Gloucester.  Charlie Caton will be with us until the end of the season.

Club was fined £400 for player behaviour which was covered by the players.  Another player had been fined £200 which he had paid.

Commercial Update – Commercial brochure for next season is now in progress.  Georgina will take ownership of the commercial website.  She will also organise a “thank you” evening for the current commercial sponsors and a welcome evening to new potential partners.

Website Progress – Mike Day had been working with Pete Mullerny from Obsidian (free vend) to work on the requirements which are needed.  The target is to complete by the next Board meeting.

AOB Board Reports – Kieron reminded board members holding a portfolio that they had a duty to report on this every month.  From this meeting, anyone missing their deadlines for report would incur a fine which would rise in increments for each subsequent month.  The money will be collected and given to a charity.

Survey Monkey – Everyone was reminded to complete in advance of strategy meeting.

Staff Meeting – Reminder that these occur each Monday at 11am as a drop in, not a mandatory attendance.  No one should wait for these meetings before engaging staff.

Next official board meeting would be Saturday 4th March 2023 at Chester Deva Stadium.