CFU board summary – January 2017

Here is a summary of the board meeting held in January.

FLi replacement of contract – still work on going with this, steady progress being made.

Quotes have been obtained for the possible erection of the shelter to accommodate wheelchair fans, a mock up is to be made to see what impact this will have on the viewing of other fans.

A date is to be set to look at the further development of the strategy

Financial update was received, there has been a reduction in membership of seals lottery and CFU membership so a real need to promote both these. Gate receipts are down and it was hoped that these may be boosted from the forthcoming Wrexham and Tranmere games.

The update from the Operations Board included agreement to increase the car park stewarding to two on the gate to help with recent congestion problems. Some changes are taking place with accommodation, one of which will be that the main reception will be moved to the shop. Work is underway to identify a venue for the end of season event.

The board is currently 3 directors short of the minimum number required and there was a discussion about arrangements to try and co-opt people to the board, an advertisement relating to this will appear shortly.