CFU Board Summary – January 2023

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Jim Green Nick, Phillipson, Charlotte Walker (via video link), Ian Swettenham, Mike Vickers (via video link), and Adam Langan, Kate Mylchreest, Jeff Banks, Oliver Hill, and Matt Dickenson.

In attendance – Christine Robson (Secretary) and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Alex Owen (not notified).

Minutes of Meeting held on 12th December 2022 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Conflicts of InterestNo additional information be added to any director’s details.

Action Log Review – Kieron went through all actions that were still in the pipeline and discussed with directors where the club was at with current projects.

Upgrade of education room – Plans are ongoing to change the room.  Need some costings  One suggestion is to turn it into an office which would be self-contained and independent from the Club.  Georgina in talks with Council with regards to a workspace pilot project grant.

Disabled Viewing Platform – Nick will set up a mock structure to show to the Board what it would potentially look like.

Return of turnstiles – This was discussed after the Blyth game.  Jeff and Georgina have sent some ideas to Steve Povey.

Football Update – Jim Green had sent out an email to the board regarding several players.  Rhys Jones would have played for the club if it had not been postponed due to the weather.  Charlie Caton’s contract would be expiring.  If the Club wished to extend, it would need to be to the end of the month.

Finance Update – To be deferred to next official board meeting.

Football Update – JG stated that Lewis Coulton had gone back to Preston and Charlie Caton may start today.  Calum considering bringing in a left back next week.  No changes will be made in terms of budget.  Calum stated that there were improvements to be made and needed to be done whilst the club was in a good place.  Retention of players need to be secured sooner rather than later.

The Club has had several offers regarding Kurt Willoughby but were turned down. As the offers were not good enough.  Jim would like to offer Kurt a new contract.  The Board agreed to offer a new contract for 18 months.  If any more offers were made, the Board agreed to a minimum acceptable fee.  Approved that Jim could act without additional approval should a fee of that value be received.

Finance Update – Matt had circulated to the Board three accounts regarding the Profit and Loss Accounts year to date – December 2022 plus a mid-year reforecast (2022-2023) and a mid-year cash flow (2022/2023).  Matt went through all the figures.  He was concerned about the overspend on players costs plus the overspend on players food and travel.  The Club needs to find ways to reduce the expenses.  A discussion was had regarding Charlie Caton’s contract.  The decision would be deferred until Matt had more information.

AOB Club Website Proposal – To be deferred to February meeting.  Georgina spoke about the Board Strategy Meeting on 18th February 2023.  Would send out a survey monkey to all Board members.

KS mentioned that the 6 directors had clearance from the FA.

Next official board meeting would be Saturday 4th February 2023 at Chester Deva Stadium.