CFU Board Summary – July 2022

Present: Jim Green (Chair), Nick Phillipson, Adam Langan, Jeff Banks, Kate Mylchreest and Charlotte Walker (by video link). In attendance – Christine Robson (Secretary).

Apologies: Kieron Shiel, Matt Dickenson, Mike Vickers, Alex Owen (not notified) and Paul Bodman (not notified)

Minutes of Meeting held on 9th June 2022 – Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Action Log Review – Jim Green JG went through all the actions that were still pending and received updates from all the directors.

Football Update – JG stated that the team had a couple of injuries and had some new signings. We had an increased playing budget with the help of a donation from Ian Swettenham. The Manager had mentioned that he wanted to introduce a new travel arrangement for away games which would include a pre-match meeting and meal with the players.

Finance Update – As Matt Dickenson (MD) was absent from the meeting, the update would be deferred to the next official board meeting.

Conflicts of Interest – As MD was absent from the meeting, this would be deferred to the next official board meeting.

Job Description – Adam Langan (AL) had circulated a paper to the board regarding the job description for the Media and PR Officer’s role. AL had done some research into the job role and went through all the commercial work that Albert Davies had undertaken since March 2022. Albert had brought to the club significant revenue and AL felt that his salary should reflect the extra work that he has undertaken. He asked the Board to vote on the increase in salary, which was unanimous. AL also asked the Board to consider the change of name to Communications Manager & Football Administrator. The Board did not have an objection to this change.

Catering Contract – Nick Phillipson (NP) had circulated a paper to the Board regarding the Legends Lounge, Blues Bar, mobile vans, and the kiosks. Hopefully everything would be in place for the start of the season

AOB – AL mentioned the perimeter of the pitch needed some repair. A suggestion was made about putting down Astro Turf. AL would get some quotes.
AL had put forward two dates for a “Volunteers Day” at the club. Dates were Sunday 24th July 2022 and Sunday 7th August 2022. Asked that some directors be present at both days.

Georgina (GS) was looking at some match day events and asked whether it was possible to have a budget. JB thought that it would be a good idea to trial it for the first five home matches. This was agreed.

Charlotte (CW) asked whether we could have a gazebo and sell “Seals Lottery and CFU membership. It would be helpful if the duty director put in a couple of hours in the gazebo.

The next official Board meeting would be Saturday 13th August 2022 at the Chester Deva Stadium at 10.30am