CFU Board Summary – July 2023

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Mike Vickers (via video link), Nick Phillipson, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Mike Day, Oliver Hill, Kate Mylchreest.

In attendance – Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Jeff Banks, Ian Swettenham, Charlotte Walker and Jim Green

Minutes of Meeting held on 24th June 2023 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Conflicts of InterestNone.

Action Log Review Education Room has been vacated but equipment still there.  Needs to be stored elsewhere.  Contracts for staffAL stated that all but one had been done.

Portfolio Reports – New website hopefully to be introduced on 21st July 2023.  GS suggested getting an intern in to help with commercial website.  Asked Mike D for some training.

All reports had been read.

CFU Rebrand Update – OH checked that all board members had read his report.  Mike D had sorted out CFU and CFC to be under one umbrella on the site.  AL believed that members do not use their membership cards and are they necessary?  Matt D thought there should still be some form of ID for those fans who like to have a card.

OH, had come up with several names for the rebranding of the club.  After discussion the three most popular names to be put to members would be: –

MyChester FC, Chester FC Owners and Chester FC Owners Club

An explanation needs to be given to the members as to why the name needs to be changed.  The new name would be announced at the AGM in November.  OH, and CW to put together something for the website.

Does the club need a new logo.  OH, CW and Albert to have a look at a new logo design.

Review of CFU Benefits – All benefits that are on the website are now defunct.  The list needs to be cleared.

Review of club membership process Mike D stated that it worked out well over the year even though members were renewing at different times.  OH, thought that the membership should be for 12 months., irrespective of when you join.  OH, Mike D, NP and JB to have a look at how it can be better managed.

Cards – Should we be looking at finding a digital card to replace the membership card.  KS would investigate this.

FA SafeguardingKS would send the link round to all board members.  This is compulsory and must be completed by everyone.

Structure of Safety Officer Role JG had written the job description, but board decided that it needed to be expanded.  The board thought that the job should be advertised.  OH, asked about the training of the current stewards.  GS stated that this was being done.

Update on Bars Contract – NP informed that Board that GWG had been awarded the contract.  They had been working extremely hard cleaning out the bar and sorting out bookings.  The contract would be finalised after the two friendly games.  GWG had mentioned about changing the name of the Blues Bar to “The Cestrian”.  All board members who were present at the meeting were happy with the new name.

AOB – OH mentioned to the board the update on the Harry Mac facilities.  Was in the process of getting an architect to draw up some plans.

Special Games Occasions OH was in discussion with GS regarding options for days at the club to have a theme.

Fair Game – MV stated that Fair Game would be launching their new scheme next week.  They are very keen to get the finance flowing towards all teams.  Clubs who score well will receive more money.  They are hoping that there will be an Independent Regulator by 2025.

Commercial – GS mentioned that she had 70 people coming to the game.  She had sent out 10 different stand/stadium proposals.  Have a lot of new sponsors onboard.  We have 16 new matchday sponsors.  Is waiting for a few renewals of ground boards but is confident that they would be achieved.

Next official board meeting would be Saturday 12th August 2023 at the stadium in the Board Room.