CFU Board Summary – June 2022

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Jim Green, Mike Vickers (by video link) , Nick Phillipson, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Jeff Banks (by video link) and Kate Mylchreest (by video link).  In attendance – Christine Robson (Secretary).

Apologies: Paul Bodman, Alex Owen and Charlotte Walker

Minutes of Meeting held on 2nd May 2022 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Action Log Review – KS went through all the actions that were still pending and received updates from all the directors.

Football UpdateJG stated that the club had made some significant signings of which two thirds had been done.  Currently looking for a left back, defender midfield and an attacking player.  Looking for a loan goalkeeper and have been able to keep all the players from the squad that was wanted.  Pre-season games start 28th July 2022.  Steve McNulty has left the club.

Finance UpdateMD had circulated a paper to the Board before the meeting and went through all aspects of the figures.

Directors Vacancies – CRR explained to the Board that it was the time of year to consider how many directors are needed for the next year.  Two of our current director’s tenures expire in November.  A decision was made to advertise for four vacancies.

AOB – JG had spoken to Ian Swettenham who was keen to support the club over the next season and increase his support.  He was looking at helping fund support for the current football budget through a donation.  He was also looking at sponsoring a stand.  Ian was happy to continue sponsoring youth team kits with a donation that would replace the academy fund.

NP stated that the summer clean-up was underway.

JB stated that the pre-season ball would take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 30th July 2022.  Was liaising with Georgina to speak to hotel.  The players were keen to attend.

KS stated that over £8,000 of kit had been sold and had also sold some of the old stock.

The next official Board meeting would be Saturday 9th July 2022 at the Chester Deva Stadium at 10.30am