CFU Board Summary – March 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel (chair), Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Jeff Banks, Mike Day, Iam Swettenham, Oliver Hill, Jim Green, Matt Dickenson.  In Attendance: Georgina Slawinski (General Manager)and Christine Robson (Secretary).

Apologies: Charlotte Walker, Kate Mylchreest and Adam Langan

Minutes of Meeting held on Saturday 4th February 2023 were accepted as a correct record.  No matters were arising.

Conflicts of Interest – None to report for this month.

Action Log Review – Kieron went through all outstanding actions with portfolio holders and set new dates for completion.

Feedback from Strategy Meeting – Matt D stated that it had been very useful to spend the time together away from the club, but thought it could have been split in to two parts.  It highlighted the need for a forum.  Jim G agreed and stated it needed to have more focus on the board of Ditrectors and what they do.  Oliver Hill stated that the strategy is an ongoing system.  A sugestion to have Strategy down as an item on the monthly Board meetings was muted. Kieron S agreed that strategy is an ongoing thing and would never be shut down. Georgina S suggested that we have another day away from the club.

Kieron S stressed that we needed to know what each Director, on an individual level would do to work as a collective.  One person cannot achieve everything.  Ian S suggested that it would be a good idea to know when other board members would be down at the club.  The whatsapp group which has been set up needs to be used more often by individuals to communicate to others what they are doing.

Football Update – Jim G had sent round a paper regarding contracts.  Discussed various options of which the Board were happy for Jim G to start negotiations.  Jim G also had sent the board an email regarding policing of the grounds for the Banbury game.  The Safety Certificate needed more work.  We need more stewards.

Finance Update – Matt D had circulated a paper to the board regarding on the figures he was working on regarding the budget.  Stated that all budget holders must be aware of what their portfolio holds and must not go over it.  Would send out a separate document to al budget holders regarding the financial situation.  Was still waiting to hear from the Council regarding the Rent Pool.  The new Finance Officer, Jan Tunnicliffe had started work and had fitted in very well.  Matt D also mentioned that he had put in an applicaqton for a “Charge Card” which would be held by Georgina.    

Commercial Update – Georgina and Albert had almost completed brochure and it was nearly ready for print.  Georgina had organised for a film company to film a “Cross Country Trains” commercial which would made the club £2,500 .  Matt D asked that before any contracts went out for renewal, it was to be discussed at Board level.

Sportswear Provider Tender – Kieron S presented a power point presentation regarding the tendering for the new sportswear kits.  Went through all the procedures that he and Georgina had done in interveiwing the potential candidates.  At the end of the process only two had reached the end out of a possible ten.  The two companies were Kappa and Hope & Glory.  After discussions, Kieron recommended to the Board that we have Hope & Glory, which was approved.

AOB – Matt D asked about whether the South Stand could be opened.  Jim G stated that it could be open but co9uld be challenging as we only have one kiosk.  We could take upto 400 fans.

Jim G asked about the “End of Season” party, which al agreed should take place.  It was important to try and get a venue asap and what the cost would be.  Georgina stated she would look into this.  The preferred date for it to be held on was Friday 19th May 2023.

Next official board meeting to be held on Saturday 15th April 2023 in the Board Room at the Stadium.