CFU Board Summary – May 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel, Jim Green, Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Jeff Banks, Mike Day, Charlotte Walker and Ian Swettenham.  In attendance: Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Oliver Hill and Kate Mylchreest

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th April 2023 were accepted as a true record.

Conflicts of Interest – None to report.

Action Log Review – All outstanding actions were discussed and would be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Football Update – Jim Green had sent round a paper to the board regarding renewal of contracts. The FA had introduced a revised players’ contract.  All new contracts would start on 1st July 2023.

Finance  – Matt Dickenson had circulated a couple of papers to the Board.  As we approach the year-end, the latest projection figures would be positive.  Were still waiting for the FA for a further payment.  Club had received two loans, one of which needs to be repaid.

Matt wanted to thank Kieron, Mike Vickers, Jim and Georgina for their input towards the budget paper, which the most important is the playing budget.  Matt asked for the board to sign off the budget.  This was unanimously agreed by all members of the board.

Will need to look at two of our main incomes (Boost the Budget and Season tickets). Review of the budget throughout the year is essential

Commercial Update – Georgina stated that Myles Jones would be revisiting their sponsorship at board level.  Sponsorship proposals had gone to four companies.  The physical commercial brochure had arrived and will be going onto the website shortly.

End of Season event tickets had all sold out and we had six sponsors for the awards.  West Cheshire Bid had been at the stadium.

Backlog Improvements – Nick stated that we were still waiting on a decision regarding the Rent Pool.  The club had put in bids for hot water, and heaters.  Looking at doing jobs including tidying up the grounds during the summer months and will ask volunteers to come down to the stadium.

AOB – The incident with Brackley Town was now with the Police and we would be informed what the situation was once they had concluded their report.