CFU Board Summary – November 2022

Present: Kieron Shiel (Chair), Jim Green Nick, Phillipson, Charlotte Walker (via video link), Ian Swettenham, Mike Vickers (via video link), and Adam Langan. In attendance – Christine Robson (Secretary) and Georgina Slawinski.
Apologies: Kate Mylchreest, Jeff Banks, Oliver Hill, Matt Dickenson, and Alex Owen (not notified).

Minutes of Meeting held on 7th November 2022 – Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Conflicts of Interest – As to date four directors still not submitted their “Directors’ Interests” form. CRR to send out a reminder again.

Skittles Test – This item was referred to next official board meeting.

Action Log Review – Deferred to next official board meeting.

Review of Directors’ portfolios – Kieron had spoken to everyone individually over the course of the past couple of weeks regarding portfolios and who would want to change. The outcome was: –
Football and Community – Jim Green to retain.
Retail – Kieron Shiel to retain.
Commercial – This would no longer be held by one member and would be owned by the commercial group led by Georgina Slawinski, Matt Dickenson and any other members who wished to be part of it.
Academy – Mike Vickers happy to continue and to lead on third party relationships, which will include part of infrastructure.
Fan Engagement working Group – Jeff Banks will focus on the online ticketing. Charlotte Walker will take on communications and fan engagement. Jeff and Charlotte to do a handover.
People/Volunteering/Fundraising – Adam Langan happy to continue with this portfolio. Georgina is in the process o f sorting out a data capture which is being funded by the university.
IT Systems – Mike Day will pick this portfolio up.
Infrastructure – Nick Phillipson will continue with this. Oliver Hill will give initial support, as it covers multiple areas. After Oliver has had his induction, he will also pick up fundraising from Adam, with support from the entire group.
All Board members have been reminded that if they have any issues, to speak to Georgina.

Finance Update – To be deferred to next official board meeting.

Football Update – JG stated that Lewis Coulton had gone back to Preston and Charlie Caton may start today. Calum considering bringing in a left back next week. No changes will be made in terms of budget. Calum stated that there were improvements to be made and needed to be done whilst the club was in a good place. Retention of players need to be secured sooner rather than later.

Strategy Review – KS stated that the Board needs to get together for half a day and discuss where we want the club to be at. University of Chester are happy to provide a facilitator and Storyhouse can provide the venue. CW will do a poll of a couple of dates (either 14th or 21st January 2023).

AOB – A request from Newsbeat (Radio 1 broadcast) had been received regarding coming to the grounds to present their programme live. This would take place on the day of England/Wales match on Tuesday 29th November 2022. A couple of other media outlets had also shown interest. After consideration the Board decided in favour of the Radio 1 Newsbeat team (provided there was some funding included in the package).

Fair Game Event – MV had spoken to the organisers of the event, who thought that Chester would be an ideal place to hold it, as it is central. MV thought that we could use the Legends Lounge or the Blues Bar to hold it in. JG stated that we needed to have much more detail on what would be taking place on the day. GS will need to be part of it. Dates suggested were, Friday, 3rd, 10th, and 17th March 2023. GS asked that we do not offer 3rd.

Meeting with CWAC -MV stated that a meeting had been organised with two representatives (Charlie Seward and Louise Gittins). NP and Matt D would also be present. Topics for discussion were our Business Plan, Strategy and Development of the stadium.

Communications – The Board discussed how communications with the club were to be done through social media. It was decided that all communications must go through Albert.

Next official board meeting would be Saturday 10th December 2022 at Chester Deva Stadium.