CFU Board Summary – October 2022

Present: Kieron Shiel (Chair), Jim Green Nick, Phillipson, Charlotte Walker, Matt Dickenson, Ian Swettenham, Jeff Banks, Mike Vickers, and Adam Langan. In attendance – Christine Robson (Secretary) and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Kate Mylchreest, Alex Owen (not notified), and Paul Bodman (not notified).

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd September 2022 – Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Conflicts of Interest – CRR stated that not every director had sent in their forms, since a request from MD that all Board members should monthly, let the Club know if their situations have changed. A reminder was sent out to everyone.

Action Log Review – Kieron Shiel (KS) went through all the actions that were still pending and received updates from all the directors.

Online Forum – Charlotte Walker (CW) This was to go live on 17th October or earlier if it was possible.

Border Issue – MV still trying to set up a meeting with CWAC.

CFU Members meetings – JG is in the process of getting some dates together

Cleaner’s wages – NP and GS had meeting with cleaner regarding her wages. There will be an increase of 3%.

Directors’ gazebo. – The gazebo had been damaged and would look at investing in a new one.

Stadium Ban – JG had received a letter from the Police regarding four individuals who they would like to give a ban to. After looking at the CCTV, JG was not happy about giving out bans. A decision was made to write to the four individuals regarding their behaviour and what the consequences would be if it happened again. A statement would also be put out to the wider club explaining the Club’s stance on bad behaviour whether it be at home or away.

Football Update – JG had sent a report to the board regarding the outgoings and incoming loans of players. Also discussed the current injuries of some of the players. Went through the recruitment/retention report.

SAGs update – JG had circulated an email regarding the meeting he had attended regarding SAG. As it was the first in-person meeting since COVID, it had been very positive. He wanted to thank Steve Povey and Nick Phillipson for all their hard work in getting the stadium to the right place to get the inspections done.

Finance Update – MD had circulated a paper regarding the income/expenditure account to the year date. Went through all relevant figures. JB asked about utilities. MD stated that the electricity contract ended in November. The Club can enter a shorter contract, which effectively caps the price. The year-end accounts will be circulated to the Board when they are ready.

Premier League Funding – NP circulated several copies including a backlog improvement list. He needed to discuss with the wider board about where was the best place to go for asking for potential grants. As the timescale is unknown, it means that the Club cannot do anything until we know whether we have been successful with a bid. KS suggested that a team go through the list and score each item with a scoring matrix to set the priorities. The team consisted of five board members and the General Manager.

Director’s Reports – CRR had found relevant section regarding directors sending in their reports for each official meeting. KS asked that GS be included in the mailing list.

KS had queried with JB the price for the Junior Blues membership.

KS stated that he was pleased regarding the advance thinking and possible extension of some of the players. Stating that we had never been so forward thinking as a board in his tenure.

KS asked MV to get the actual results on future reports for the Academy Report. Asked MV to speak to Albert regarding putting them on the website in future.

AOB – MV had circulated a paper to the Board regarding a proposal to make Alex Kenyon a part time Academy coach. This would consist of 19 games. The Board agreed to the proposal and AL would sort out a contract of employment.

Fans and Survey – GS stated that the matchday budget had been signed off. Wanted to do a survey and tailor it to the members. It is very important to get feedback about matchday experiences. AL stated that it should be sent to all fans, and not just members. CW stated she would help with the survey monkey to include all fans.

Hospitality Review & Website Feature – GS stated that she had great feedback about our hospitality and wondered whether it could be put on the website, so fans can see how well the club is doing. Could we also advertise hospitality packages on the home page? CW stated that she did not see a problem with incorporating it on to the website.

The next official Board meeting would be the AGM Thursday 3rd November 2022 at 7.30pm in the Blues Bar at the Stadium.