CFU Board Summary – October 2023

Present: Oliver Hill (Chair), Jim Green, Adam Langan, Mike Day, Nick Phillipson, Charlotte Walker (by video), Jeff Banks (by video), Ian Swettenham, Matt Dickenson, Mike Vickers (by video) and Kate Mylchreest. 

In attendance – Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski. 

Apologies: Kieron Shiel 

Minutes of Meeting held on 9th September 2023 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record. 

Conflicts of InterestNone. 

Portfolios – All reports had been submitted and read by members of the board. 

Finance Update – The September accounts were not ready yet.  August accounts had been done at a previous informal meeting.  Matchday income was down, but once we have had a few bigger games throughout the year, this may equal out on the budget.  We are being handicapped by the capacity of fans restriction.  Budget may have to be changed at December’s re-forecast.  There may be some funds available for increasing the budget in January. 

Football – JG had circulated a paper regarding several players on loan with us.  Question regarding income from the FA Cup would be available to strengthen team.  Decision would be made post AGM.  The Board wanted to acknowledge the effort of the fans in funding Kole Hall’s operation with a donation. 

Commercial – Matt D had circulated a paper regarding the budget.   Corporate Sponsorship is a pot that the club attains to keep at £10,000.  A charity game organised through Leap 76 is to take place on 24th May 2024.  A Christmas event will be organised for 2023.  Georgina had a meeting with a couple of companies who were happy to take on Health and Safety for the club.  Was also hopeful of bringing in more ground board sponsors.  A film crew had been present at the grounds last week, which had added further funds to the budget. 

Governance – A report had been written and had been circulated to the Board.  Mike Vickers stated that it was a good report.  It needs to be taken forward to the new board, after the AGM and possibly recruit someone afterwards.  This is a continuation of what the club used to do and we need to set up a working group.  Mike Vickers would obtain some people for this.  It is important that we get the correct working relationship between the governance group and the board of directors.  It was mentioned that we already have some good policies in place which had been written by a former director of the board. 

Former Players – JG stated that a suggestion had been put forward to bring former players to the club as a guest.  The board were happy to approve this.  A discussion had taken place previously regarding the Hall of Fame.  The FPA had come back with suggestions on four previous players, stating that they would be inducted into the Hall of Fame over a twelve-month period. 

AOB –   Oliver Hill asked to talk about the Harry Mac Development and where it was currently at.  The site would have access to the East Stand.  On non-matchdays, it could be hired out.  A request for some money to have drawings done by an architect was made.  It also needs a great deal of money to extend the plans.  It was noted that Flintshire County Council would have to sign off on the scheme.  OH agreed to bring some figures to the Board at the next meeting detailing an estimated cost of the project. 

NP had sent round a paper regarding the Bars and Kiosks.  We have a much better bar, and it looks more attractive to fans.  We are not selling alcohol at the kiosks.  GWG are doing a good job.  It was mentioned that some of the football memorabilia had been taken down.  NP stated that this would go back up on matchdays. 

Charlotte Walker had circulated a paper on the work she and her group had done regarding rebranding the CFU.  The process had caused significant discussions amongst supporters.  The club will look at inviting a couple of fans to join the working group to make sure that all viewpoints.  

Jeff Banks mentioned that the sale of tickets for the York game would be online for ST holders on Monday, CFU members on Thursday and Saturday for general sales.  Any fan who could not obtain a ticket online was able to buy one from the Ticket Office  

Date of next meeting The next official board meeting would be the AGM which was being held at the Leap76 stadium in the Cestrian on Thursday 23rd November 2023.