CFU Board Summary – September 2022

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Jim Green Nick Phillipson, Kate Mylchreest, Charlotte Walker (by video link)., Matt Dickenson and Ian Swettenham. In attendance – Christine Robson (Secretary) and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Adam Langan. Mike Vickers, Alex Owen, and Paul Bodman (not notified) and Jeff Banks

Minutes of Meeting held on 13th August 2022 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Action Log Review – Kieron Shiel (KS) went through all the actions that were still pending and received updates from all the directors.

Online Forum – Charlotte Walker (CW) presented a power point regarding a new online forum.  The purpose of the new forum was to create a space for fans to have a conversation and interact with the Board.  It is also designed to communicate and engage with members and combat misinformation.  It will provide fans with “real time2 updates and opportunities to become involved.  It was hoping that it would go live on 17th October 2022j

Commercial Pipeline – Georgina Slawinski (GS) stated that there were plenty of meetings taking place next week.  Was sorting out a “Lifestyle Card” meeting and would update the Board at a later meeting.  Sponsorship for the stadium was slow.  We had a company called Clay & Rock who had sponsored several boards.

Football Update – Jim Green (JG) stated that we have a couple of long-term injuries plus a couple of short term. Calum was looking at a loan but is aware of the budget.  It will only be for one month.  All players out on loan have been done.

Finance Update – As Matt Dickenson (MD) stated that the accounts for last year had gone off to the auditors.

Premier League Funding and Catering – Nick Phillipson (NP) had spoken to Steve Povey regarding several areas that needed upgrading.  Pitch irrigation needed new sprinklers.  It must be done before next season.  We need to revisit the disability viewing platform and seat replacements.  Adam Langan stated that the Disability Liaison Officer was happy to have a cover erected.  Looking at upgrading the Education Room.

AOB – Safety Update, JG, CWAC and Steve Povey had a meeting.  Inspectors will do a documented audit followed by an in-person visit (September) and one in January 2023, followed up by one in July 2023.   Looking at a pay review for stewards.  Steve Povey has recruited some new stewards.  He will do in=house training and a verifier will come and certify that stewards have passed.

CW wanted to make sure that the future campaign for Boost the Budget is not overlooked.

The next official Board meeting would be Saturday 8th October 2022 at the Chester Deva Stadium at 10.30am