CFU Board Summary – September 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel; (Chair), Jim Green, Adam Langan, Mike Day, Oliver Hill, Charlotte Walker (by video link), Jeff Banks, Ian Swettenham and Matt Dickenson.  In attendance: Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski

Apologies: Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson and Kate Mylchreest.

Minutes of Meeting held on 12th August 2023 were accepted as a true record.

Conflicts of Interest – None.

Finance Review – Matt D had circulated a paper to all board members showing the re-budgeted and re-forecast.  The figures showed two months of activity at the quieter time of the season.  Matt D went through all the expenditure and income covering in depth the matchday income and season tickets.  The matchday income was 3% higher than this time last year.  KS asked whether the board could be given figures earlier, as there is at present a lag of 6-8 weeks.  Matt D stated he would try to rectify this.  Commercial figures would also be given out at all informal meetings as well as forma meetings.  In summary, there was a positive impact of Season Ticket sales.  A decision was made to revisit the figures after the Scunthorpe game (21st October 2023).

Matt D also mentioned about the “Rent Pool” which had provisionally been given the green light in January, but had not heard anything since.  He does not want the Club to spend money that we do not have.  He is looking at the De-carbonisation Fund and will apply for a grant.

Football Update – JG had circulated a paper to the Board regarding the latest news on players.  The FA Cup against Tadcaster would be televised which would bring in some income to the club.  Calum and staff have been reviewing players’ performances and trying to simplify things.  Was on the lookout for a centre forward.

Commercial – GS stated that the Man Utd fixture had been good and that we had an unbudgeted match sponsor.  Numbers for hospitality are hit and miss, but were starting to increase.  We are averaging 36 on matchday.  We have no matchday sponsors for Peterborough, Tamworth, Buxton and Boston, but have sold everything else for the rest of the season.

JG requested that informal meetings have a commercial update.  GS asked if she could have some guidance from the Board as to which direction she needs to be concentrating on for the near future.  Matt D offered to help her.

It was decided that a commercial budget would be given at the next informal meeting

GS stated that UNITE had expressed an interest in some commercial work at the club.  After discussion, it was decided that GS would ask UNITE what would be involved and bring back to the board.  The board were unanimous in the vote for UNITE to be with the club if it was to sponsor a produce that is available from our brochure.

GS also announced that Precision had increased their sponsorship.  Tomahawk/RIO had offered more money on top of the matchday sponsor and ground board.  GS mentioned that Chris (Leap76 sponsor) was keen to meet some of the directors and to raise some more money.  KS and AL agreed to meet him.

Safeguarding – KS reminded all directors that it is mandatory for everyone to complete the safeguarding certificate as part of being a director.

AOB – AL stated that we had no little pickers and it was only being done when John Needham was at the club working.  A communication needs to be sent out to all volunteers.

Date of next meeting – The next informal meeting would be on Thursday 21st September 2023 and Wednesday 4th October 2023 on Teams.  The next official board meeting would be Saturday 21st October 2023 at Leap76 stadium in the boardroom.

Meeting closed at 12 noon.