CFU reaction to Football Conference statement

City Fans United, the supporters group for Chester City FC, note the decision of the Football Conference and the Football League to withdraw the threat of expulsion from membership hanging over the club, subject to the clearance of the payment of £36,600.

A collective statement from City Fans United states: “We are pleased that the immediate future of the club has been secured. Whilst we welcome the survival of the club in the short term we feel the decision does nothing to address the problems the club continually faces, particularly given the clubs own financial projections.

City Fans United are committed to preserving the future of football in the City of Chester and are concerned over the longer term prospects for the club.

The statement continues: “We will continue to amass funds and prepare for the day when we will be needed to secure the long-term future of the club. We would urge every Chester City supporter to join City Fans United today by visiting our website at We cannot and will not allow one hundred and twenty-four years of history to be wiped out.”

City Fans United held the first of several planned fundraising events last night and will continue to raise funds through donations, membership subscriptions, sponsorship and the issue of loan notes.