Chester FC AGM 2023

The Annual General Meeting for Chester Football Club will take place on Thursday 23rd November 2023 at 7.30pm in the Blues Bar, Chester Deva Stadium. Doors will be open at 7pm.

To attend the meeting, you need to be a fully paid-up member of City Fans United. If you have not joined or have not renewed your membership, please make sure this is done by no later than 13th August 2023, otherwise, you will not be eligible to attend the meeting or to vote on any of the resolutions. Join or renew here.

If you would like to consider being put forward to have a place on the Board of Directors, again, you need to be a current member and your two sponsors (who cannot be members of the Board) also need to be current members as of 13th August 2023.

The election letter will be sent to all members in the last week of August, accompanied by a “Duties of a Director” information leaflet, a manifesto, which needs to be completed if you wish to apply for a Board place, and a nomination form.