Election of candidates to the Board (Resolution5)

Resolution 5 set out the arrangements for the election of candidates to the Board; since it was drawn up the following changes have occurred:

1. Steve Povey has withdrawn his candidacy for a directorship

2. Co-opted directors and the director standing down by rotation have attended their final board meeting

The resolution refers to the need for an affirmative vote but concludes by saying: ‘The exception shall be that should the failure to elect any of the validly nominated candidates leave the Board below the minimum number required under the Rules for them to act, all validly nominated candidates shall be deemed elected and this declared at the AGM’

The Election Management Group (EMG) is responsible for overseeing the arrangements for the election of directors with advice also having been sought from Supporters Direct during the election process.  Membership of this group is as follows:

Chris Hammond – Independent Scrutineer – FC United of Manchester

Marion Needham – Company Secretary

The minimum number of Board directors required under the Rules for them to act is six and the current Board membership comprises the five directors listed below:

Stephen Ashton

Jeff Banks

Tony Durkin

David Evans

Mark Howell

Based on this the EMG deems that the two validly nominated candidates Jim Keegan and David Foster  are elected and now wish to report this to the AGM.

Even with these two appointments the Board will still need to co-opt further directors and there will be real opportunities to shape the future organisation and structure with the potential creation of two Boards as referred to in resolution 6.  Through the recent kit survey a number of people have already volunteered to join future working parties, but if anyone feels that they would like to take this one step further and be considered for a co-opted director role which would be for a period of one year and would not involve an election process they should contact marion.needham@chesterfc.com  as soon as possible.