Gig for the Blues

City Fans United is delighted to announce that a benefit concert in aid of Chester FC will take place at the Frog & Nightingale, Frodsham Street  on the evening of Friday 9th July.

Go Kart Commandos and Local Lads Make Good are two of the most entertaining bands on the local circuit and their members are delighted to be taking to the stage in aid of their beloved Blues.

With the new look club set to take on Colwyn Bay in their historic first friendly the following day, this is the perfect way to start off a truly memorable weekend.

Tickets for the concert cost £5 each and are available now at the Frog & Nightingale. Exiled supporters and those who are unable to collect in person can order tickets by emailing

Doors open at 7.30 PM and ALL of the proceeds will go directly to City Fans United, so please make the effort to come to another cracking event in the new era of Chester Football Club!

About Go Kart Commandos

Go Kart Commandos hail from Chester (all of which are regulars at The Deva) and are renowned for their energetic live shows around the region. Formerly known as Max Rebo, GKC needed a unique brand to progress in their own right so in Spring 2009 adopted the new name. The band has been going strong (as Max Rebo) since the early 00’s and were born of founder members Simon ‘Wezz’ Howe (guitar) and Gary Dunn (incredible drummer). Daz Ashford joined as the charismatic frontman soon after, and they arrived at their current line-up after a few changes along the way, when Pete ‘Pumps’ Fielder-Shaw joined in September ’08 to play a masterful Bass guitar.

The lads’ mission is to entertain the masses, and do this mainly with covers of well known tunes from over the the last 4 or 5 decades, from rock & indie through to funk, punk and pop – performed with a good twist of GKC juice, mixed in with TV themes, medolies and often a helping of their own material. A good energetic balance and a great entertaining 4-piece.

About Local Lads Make Good

Luke and Adam Hormbrey, twins, decide to knock out a couple of melodies. They’ve been saving them up since they were teenagers. Their late father being a rhythmical master of percussion for the hugely successful band of the 70’s and 80’s – Supercharge. They were destined to start a rock n roll bandand who’s going to get in the way of destiny? Certainly not Stephen Wakefield, a staunch Chester fan. After 16 years of playing along with CD’s in his bedroom he needed to know if he could cut it in front of an audience. They say in every bassist there is a failed guitarist and in Wakey’s case they’re right. Why play 6 strings when 4 thicker ones will do? David Evans is the guitarist. Hot Licks as he likes to be called wows the audience with his take on some modern classics.

Things started to move for Local Lads Make Good – (check out Supercharges first LP release for an explanation for the choice of name) when they won a Battle of the Bands with their first gig. Their own music is transformed. Songs like ‘Alright’ and ‘Out of Space’ wouldn’t be out of place in the John Peel tent and you can already hear 30000 people shouting the chorus of ‘Glum Chum’ and ‘Light light shine bright’ on the main stage. Yes Glastonbury is where these guys are heading, get on that bandwagon now and say you were there when it began.