June Seals Lottery Result

The June Seals Lottery draw has taken place with this month’s draw made by club Safety Officer Steve Povey.

1.  Peter Greenwood, Upton, Chester  £574.00
2.  Terence Roberts, Upton, Chester  £430.50
3.  Judith Boyd, Upton, Chester      £287.00

So a clean sweep for Upton this month. Congratulations to all and especially to first prize winner Peter Greenwood, a former Chester player who scored at Chelsea in the FA Cup in 1952.

As you can see, we have over £1200 per month in the prize fund, which is also matched by funds going to the development of Chester FC.

To get involved, download the Seals Lottery Application form today via this link and you could be the next big winner on the Seals Lottery!