New Kit : Board Statement

Board statement

As previously shared with members, the current kit agreement was re-negotiated in January 2013 to reduce contracted volumes following review by the Chester FC Board.  On that basis we proceeded with a kit vote earlier in the year.

We anticipated that a bespoke kit could be supplied at the reduced volume. However, the kit supplier has recently advised that a large minimum order is required for production reasons. The volumes required would significantly exceed previous sales of shirts and represents a major financial liability for the Club.  Despite extensive negotiation the Board have been left with no alternative but to go for a non bespoke kit for next season.

There is only one viable option available from our current supplier. This kit will be a close replica to one worn in the mid 80s. It will obviously bear our Partner’s logo and Club badge and legend.  Whilst the decision on the new kit has had to be made without direct owner consultation due to production deadlines, we hope the new kit will prove a popular choice. We will be able to order reasonable quantities that will meet demand but not leave us with unsold stock that will jeopardise the finances of the Club.

This decision has not been taken lightly and every possible option has been explored with the supplier. We would ask for your support in taking such decisions to safeguard the well being of Chester FC. Our first priority as set by our members is the financial sustainability of our club.

Further to this the Chester FC Board are hopeful that a modest trading profit will be shown in the year end accounts, despite a significant number of challenges over the course of the season. Further details will be shared with members following the financial year end (31 May  2014).