Parliamentary candidates show support for CFU in bid for the Deva

The three main party candidates for Chester today came out supporting the bid by City Fans United for the lease on the Deva Stadium, ahead of Thursday’s crunch meeting with Cheshire West and Chester council.
Current MP for the City of Chester, Christine Russell, the Labour candidate stated

“I give my 100% backing to the bid by City Fans United to create a new Chester Football Club at the Deva Stadium.

The Football Club should be a community asset, not a business opportunity for someone who has no real attachment to the Club.

I believe City Fans United have the commitment, the loyalty and the business acumen to make a real success of Chester Football Club.”

Elizabeth Jewkes, the Liberal Democrat candidate also echoed Ms Russell’s support,

“As a member of CFU I am 100% behind the creation of  the phoenix club.  I spoke at the Guildhall meeting and offered practical help in setting up the business as I have experience of setting up & running community businesses like this.

Chester needs it’s football club back.  We can’t lose 125 years of football. I applaud the fans for working so hard to create a supporter owned not for profit club
and will do everything I can to help.”

Stephen Mosley, the Conservative candidate for City of Chester also states

“I wish City Fans United all the very best in their endeavours to start a new club in the City and bring football back to the Deva Stadium.

The local Council has the unenviable task of picking the best bid. Before handing over the keys to the Deva the bidders need to show a realistic and sustainable financial plan, we do not want to repeat the errors of the past in the future.

If elected next week, I will champion the cause of the winning bid and fully support the principles of a community and fan based club.”

City Fans United feel that they have produced a robust business plan, with the realistic and sustainable financial planning that is required to secure the future of football in our City, and would like to echo the words of the above in asking that the supporters are given the chance to right the wrongs that have been committed in the name of their Club in the past.

With a solid business plan which would deliver a not for profit football club that will operate at the very heart of its community, City Fans United feel that private enterprise has tried and failed this City before, and feel best placed for the challenges that lie ahead.