Author: Jeff Banks

CFU Board Summary – September 2021

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on Monday 13th September 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chair), Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Paul Bodman, Kieron Shiel, Jeff Banks, Chris Robertson, Matt Dickenson, and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Alex Owen, Jim Green.

Minutes of Meeting held on 16th August 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record.

CFU Formal Meeting –Several Board members had suggested that a formal CFU meeting should be held before the AGM. A date of Thursday 7th October 2021 was chosen to be held in the Blues Bar at the Stadium. Doors to be open at 7pm for meeting to start at 7.30pm.

1st Team Performance – Jim Green had sent an email to Board members regarding the underperformance of the first team, which was way under the level which was expected. The Board needed to reserve the right to assess the situation if it did not improve. JG had had discussions with the managers.

Community Activity – Paul Bodman had circulated a paper to the Board regarding sponsorships. Andy Morris stated that any future sponsorships must be signed in a written contract. AM had been in discussions with a gentleman called Mike Turner who owned a company called “Open Club House” which works on the principal of taking a % commission for any activity it raises for the club. A suggestion had been an electronic scoreboard, which would have adverts on.

Youth Alliance League Withdrawal – A paper had been sent to the Board from Calum McIntyre with a suggestion that the youth team no longer play within the Youth Alliance League. After much consideration it was decided that the Board would support the proposal put by CM, subject to certain conditions. A letter would be drafted to go to the NL.

Hospitality – Nick Phillipson stated that he had spoken to Jaspers regarding issues raised by fans attending matches and proposals were put in place to solve them.

AGM – The Secretary, Christine Robson stated that all paperwork was in the process of being printed. The EMG would be meeting on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 (Independent Scrutineer – Philip Young from Bury FC) to consider all nominations. Paper documents would be going out to members on Thursday 14th October 2021 and email screenshots going out on Monday 18th October 2021.

AOB – Jeff Banks suggested that the Board put out a communication to update supporters on latest developments and updates from portfolio holders given it had been a few months since the last update. Matt Dickenson was working on the end of year financial accounts and would send across a draft copy to all Board members when completed. Mike Vickers mentioned that the club had been having issues with the KGB project. Price had gone up significantly but had now been resolved.

Date of next Meeting – Next formal CFU Board Meeting would take place on Monday 11th October 2021 at 7.30pm by virtual conference.

CFU AGM 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of City Fans United and Chester Football Club will be held on Thursday, 4th November 2021 at 7.30pm.

The meeting will be held by Zoom due to current public health guidance.  Members who not able to attend by Zoom, can submit votes using the proxy form direct to the Returning Officer (Mr Philip Young).


If you have any questions for the AGM, please send these to CFU Secretary Christine Robson at Nearer the date of the meeting, members will be sent a link to join through Zoom on the night.


The following papers are now available:


Draft minutes of the AGM 2020


Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statement of Financial Position for the year ended May 2021.

Candidate Manifestos

Proxy form

A full set of the Unaudited Financial Statements with accompanying Independent Accountants Report will be posted on the CFU website and copies may be obtained on request.


The process relating to the election of directors has been overseen by the Election Management Group which includes Philip Young from Bury FC acting as external scrutineer and returning officer.


Four directors’ posts were advertised as available, and three nominations were received and confirmed as eligible by the Election Management Group.


The candidates have each provided a manifesto containing information about themselves together with a photograph and these can be found above.


As the number of candidates does not equal or exceed the available places, there will be no election but an affirmative ballot at the AGM.  Each candidate will be put before the meeting for the approval of members.  To be elected each candidate must receive the support of more than half those present at the Zoom meeting and those who are not able to attend, have expressed their preference, by returning the proxy form.


If you are unable to attend the Zoom AGM it is therefore important that you complete the proxy form which is confidential and will be opened by the Returning Officer.  The proxy form will not be seen by anyone at CFU/Chester Football Club.  If you are able to attend the Zoom AGM you do not need to return the proxy form as you will be able to show your support at the meeting.


What to do next

If you are attending the AGM by Zoom, you do not need to take any action other than to read the enclosed papers.  If you are not able to attend by Zoom, please complete the proxy form and send it to Philip Young, the Returning Officer using the home address at the bottom of the proxy form.  Please do not return the form to the Deva Stadium.


And finally

The AGM is a key time for CFU members and we are hoping for a good attendance at this meeting.  You will see there are some very important items on the agenda.  For those attending it would be helpful if you could log into the Zoom app promptly on the night so that we can start on time.

CFU Board Summary – August 2021

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on 16th August 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chair), Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Paul Bodman, Chris Robertson, Matt Dickenson, and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Alex Owen, Jeff Banks, and Kieron Shiel.

Minutes of Meeting held on 19th July 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record.

Review of Actions – Andrew Morris went through the Action Plan. Most actions were still in progress.

Budget – Chris Robertson stated that there was nothing significant to report as he was still in the process of handing over the job to Matt Dickenson. Matt is talking to Laurence regarding the year end accounts. Matt would be taking over the role officially in September.

Update on operational issues. – Jim Green stated that there was nothing significant to report.

Portfolios – Jim Green had mentioned Jonno’s illness and that he was getting slowly better. May attend the match on Saturday. Some players are out on loan and others had been struck by COVID. Curzon game had been re-arranged for Tuesday 24th August 2021.

JG had contacted players regarding vaccinations and stressed how important it was for them to be jabbed. There had been discussions with Chris Robertson regarding bonuses with regards to players and managers.

Paul Bodman had sent an email around to Board members regarding commercial funding and went through several items. Had a conversation with a car dealership who may be interested in doing something for the club regarding getting another van.

Adam Langan mentioned that the fundraising for “Boost the Budget” had reached the target of £100,000. Would like to focus on the Seals Lottery. Is looking at the end of September to hold another fundraising meeting.

Jeff Banks had circulated a paper on FEWG in his absence.

Any other business – Mike Vickers had asked whether solar panels could be put on the club roof. PB stated that this had been looked at several times in the past. AL mentioned that the Council do not have a scheme to help local businesses out with this.

Date of next meeting – 13th September 2021.

CFU Members Meeting – Thursday 7th October 7.30pm

City Fans United will be holding their next members meeting on Thursday 7th October, commencing at 7.30pm in the Blues Bar at Chester FC’s Deva Stadium.

Doors will be open for drinks at 7pm, and Directors will be present at the meeting to answer any questions that members have.

This will be a Members Only formal meeting. The meeting will also be streamed online for members, with an invite going out on email to members week commencing Monday 4th October.

We look forward to seeing you at the Deva Stadium on the night.

Remember, if you need to renew your membership or sign up for the first time, you can do so here: Members Section – City Fans United

CFU Board Summary – July 2021

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on 19th July 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chairman), Jeff Banks, Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Chris Robertson, Matt Dickenson, Anthony Johnson, and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Paul Bodman, Alex Owen, and Kieron Shiel.

Before the meeting started Andrew Morris introduced Matt Dickenson to everyone as the new Treasurer (who was taking over the role from Chris Robertson). Matt had been co-opted on to the Board.

Anthony Johnson (Manager) had asked to attend the meeting so he could update the Board on where the club was. Bernard Morley had sent his apologies, as he was coaching. AJ wanted to thank the Board for allowing the team to attend Bangor University on a 5- day pre-season training camp. It had been very successful and helped the players gel together. Hospitality was excellent. Had an enquiry regarding Jon Worsnop and whether he could play with the club. This would depend on whether JW wished to play with the club again. AJ stated that he and BM had a good network with other clubs and could loan out players temporarily.

Minutes of Meeting held on 7th June 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record.

Review of Actions – Andrew Morris went through the plan of actions and updated the Board on all relevant issues.

Budget – Chris Robertson had circulated a paper on the budget and was aware that a schedule of potential spending bids was to be brought to the Board for the next meeting, which had not happened. Given level of uncertainty now, it was essential that everything is prioritised. Asked all portfolio holders to send in any expenditure asap.

Update on operational issues. – Jim Green was in discussions about what match days would look like. Issues surrounding cash at turnstiles. What was being done about a programme. Andrew Morris stated that there had been an issue with the club van, as it seemed to be needed in two places at the same time. Better communication between teams was needed.

Any other business – Andrew Morris stated that discussions regarding Directors Duties on match days would need to be confirmed. Adam Langan stated that the Boost the Budget had been going very well, but had stopped around the £90,000, but was sure the club could achieve the target of £100,000. Nick Phillipson mentioned about the car park and programmes. MBNA had asked questions about safety of their staff at the ground. The club needs to review its safety policy to make sure it covers everyone. Chris Robson stated that she had provisionally booked the Blues Bar for the AGM in November, to make sure the room was available, if it was decided to have a face-to-face meeting. Andrew stated he did not want any face-to-face meetings until after the AGM.

Date of next meeting – 16th August 2021.

CFU Board Summary – June 2021


Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on 7th June 2021 by Virtual Conference

The Board did not hold an official Board Meeting in May.

Present: Andrew Morris, Jeff Banks, Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Chris Robertson and Kieron Shiel.

Apologies: Paul Bodman and Alex Owen

Minutes of Meeting held on 12th April 2021 were accepted as an accurate record.

Review of ActionsAndrew Morris went through the Actions that were still ongoing.  Chris Robertson had circulated the April accounts and would speak to Paul Bodman regarding setting up a commercial working group. Nick Phillipson would be liaising with Vinci regarding making good the car park area and was also waiting for a quote regarding a barrier for entry into the car park grounds   Kieron Shiel was evaluating allocation of George Delves tasks and duties amongst board members and volunteers.

Finance Chris Robertson had circulated a paper (3rd draft) based on a meeting held on 17th May.  The Academy’s budget had been altered and he had also removed George’s salary.  The players budget had been adjusted and included the pre-season trip to Bangor.  A deficit of £105,000 had been projected which the club is able to manage.  Chris had also circulated April’s Management Accounts, which the Board needed to read and send any comments to be discussed at the next IMG meeting.

Update on operational issues. – Jim Green stated that there was not much to report.  The day to day running of the club was going well.  It was emphasised that the gates must be closed every time someone enters or exits.  Kieron Shiel stated that volunteers were back at the club and seemed to have no issues.  Nick Phillipson reminded everyone that they need to sign in and out at reception.

Portfolios Nick Phillipson stated that there were issues with regards to Health and Safety which will need to be sorted.  Floodlight quote was ongoing.  The Club now has a new cleaner who will work on a Monday and a Friday.  Kieron Shiel stated that 1st team kits were ordered.  Had sold 92 “Away” shirts.  Retail is going very well.  There is a volunteers’ day booked for 4th July 2021.  Jeff Banks had circulated a paper regarding Season Ticket sales.  If sales continue to go as well as they seem to be doing, the Club will be able to open to general members.  Membership cards need to be produced.  Club needs to recruit for a Match Day host and a social media person.  Mike Vickers stated that the Academy teams would be staying under the Club rather than moving the younger age groups to the Community Trust.  Academy Teams would be moving from 8 teams to 4 teams, needing only 8 coaches.  Adam Langan stated that “Boost the Budget” already had over £79,000 which was very impressive.  The volunteers had been brilliant at helping.  Jim Green stated that the mangers had spoken to several people who they were interested in signing.

AOB – Mike Vickers had sent a quote to the Board regarding gym apparatus.  He was struggling to get three quotes as stated in our standing orders.  He would try and find another twoIf this was not possible IMG would pass the quote and make sure there is a clear audit trail that attempts have been made to get three quotes.

Adam Langan suggested that the Club starts marketing itself digitally to encourage more people through the doors.  A suggestion of putting posters on social media was made which the Board thought was a good idea.

Andrew Morris stated that there had been four nominations for “Club Person of the Year”.  He would send the names out to the Board to put to the vote.

Chris Robson had informed the Board that it was the time of year for consideration of the vacancies on the Board.  It looked as though the Board would need 4 new members.  We also needed a new contact as an independent scrutineer.  Andrew Morris would send across a name and contact.

CFU Membership Cards & Season Tickets Collection Night

Next Thursday evening (29th July), City Fans United members will be able to collect their membership cards from the Deva Stadium in a special event taking place in the Blues Bar.

Chester FC fans will also be able to collect their season tickets too on the night.
It’s the first time we’ve been able to stage an event in the Blues Bar since before the Covid-19 pandemic started, and we’re delighted to announce that there will also be a chance to meet some of the Chester FC squad as well as joint managers Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson, who will all join us after they have finished training.
The evening kicks off at 7.30pm and fans are welcome inside the Blues Bar from 7pm.
The bar will open for drinks purchases, and we request that fans attending remain respectful of others inside the venue as far as Covid protection measures are concerned.
See you on the night!

CFU Social Media Manager Applications Invited

City Fans United are looking to strengthen our social media platforms ahead of the new season and are recruiting a Social Media Manager to help oversee the ongoing development of the existing accounts as well as forming new streams across social media platforms.
The role will also focus on increasing membership numbers as well as cross promoting Chester FC social media accounts too.
This will be a voluntary role, and if you believe you are the right person for this position is you, then please email with your contact details and current social media account names.
Please note you will need to be aged over 18 to apply for this role, and have experience of managing social media accounts, as well as being a Chester fan that attends our matches.
Applications to be received by Saturday 10th July.
City Fans United
Our City, Our Community, Our Club.

CFU Board Summary – April 2021


Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on 12th April 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris, Jeff Banks, Paul Bodman, Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Chris Robertson and Kieron Shiel.

Apologies: Alex Owen


Minutes of Meeting held on 8th March 2021 were recorded as an accurate record.


Andrew Morris stated that all Clubs had received a letter regarding the resignation of Brian Barwick, which would take place after the current season. Had spoken to Mark Ives regarding the EGM which had been called regarding the dissatisfaction of the National League Board. Andrew was also going to send an email to the National League regarding what the outcome would be if Clubs were forced to play behind closed doors. Email to be sent 13th April 2021.


Review of Actions – Independent Review regarding Stuart Murphy was now finished and had been put on the website. The Club would be seeking out a new cleaner as the current contract had expired. The skip which had been moved to the front of the club was going back to its original spot (behind the Harry Mac Stand), due to rubbish being disposed in it which was not from the club.


Finance – Chris Robertson had circulated a paper regarding the club’s accounts for the previous three years, in order for the Board to see what money would be needed to run the 2021/22 season. The Board were hoping that the season would return to “normal” with full crowds and no disruption. Contingency plans needed to be drawn up in case the challenges of COVID were still ongoing. One of the most important decisions to consider when the new season started, what would the capacity be for having fans in the ground and would we still have to be abiding by COVID regulations. An added worry was that there would be no government support for the new season. Another concern was whether the club would have to deal with social distancing if fans were allowed back.


Andrew stated that an advert had been put out for a new Finance Director but had not received any response so far.


Portfolios – All Board members had sent in their portfolio reports. Mike Vickers wanted it noted that any money raised for the Academy this year, must go towards their next year’s budget.


Staff Pay and Fundraising – It was noted that the Board felt staff had suffered during the COVID pandemic and would look at the figures. Kieron Shiel said he would do this as it fell under his portfolio. It was also decided that the holiday policy should be revisited to make sure staff were taking the holiday they were entitled to.


AOB – Jeff Banks mentioned that he had a request from Kaizen to put a logo on the reverse of the Season Ticket card, in the top right-hand corner.


Andy mentioned to the Board that Andy Fearon had passed away and would be sending the Board’s condolences to the family.

Membership 2021/22 Begins!

City Fans United - Owners of Chester Football Club
Welcome to Summer 2021, and whilst we’re at it, welcome to a new City Fans United membership period!
If you’ve not renewed your membership yet, then fear not – just visit the link below and renew today:
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Bag yourself a Discount! – Yes, all members can use their cards to take advantage of local discounts, so when you become a CFU member you’ll be able to use your card at various places as more and more businesses reopen their doors.
Finally, we hope you enjoy the fantastic weather that we finally have, and all eyes will now turn towards the new season, which is now just over one month away, so make sure you’ve renewed your Season Ticket by June 13th as that’s the cut-off date for you to retain your seats.
Membership cards will be produced mid-June so to make sure you are on the list for that first batch to be printed, please renew or sign up now!