Race night in March and Fundraising committee update

The Fundraising committee have organised a Race Night for Friday March 18th in the Blues Bar at 7.30pm.

Sponsorship of the races and also the horses is available to fans and businesses. The prices are £30 per race and £5 to sponsor a horse in one of the races.

There will also be a raffle on the night.

Tickets are £5 and will be available from the Club Offices on Monday. We expect these to go fairly quickly.

This event has always been well attended and is a great night out so try and make it down if you can!

Anyone who wishes to donate a prize to the raffle, sponsor a race or horse is asked to email ed.jones@chesterfc.com or fundraising@chesterfc.com


Fundraising Committee Update

Christmas Raffle – Profit from the raffle after all costs including the £1000 1st prize and the cost of the tickets was, £2497. This was down on the previous years. For the 2016 raffle, the committee agreed that all CFU members should be mailed raffle tickets. A printing sponsor will be sought for next year.

Market Stall – Although we were only able to man the stall with volunteers on six days, the takings were worthwhile. More volunteers are required to make this a success in the future. Geoff to mention at the Senior Blues Meeting and Tracey to also put an appeal out. There were stocking ordering issues both with the stall and the shop, Ed Jones will work with Tracey and the board next year to increase stock holding to enable us to have shirts etc on sale in both locations. The Fundraising Committee would like to thank the volunteers who gave up their time to support and to the many Chester fans who popped into the market to say hello or pick up stocking fillers.

Race Night – Jonathan Kerr has kindly agreed to stage the next meeting on 18th March. The committee agreed that to push sales of tickets we required a specific project that would benefit from the profits. Ed to ask the board for suggestions. A further meeting will be arranged in the near future for the Junior Blues. Also, Jonathan would be willing to do an afternoon meeting on Grand National day, we are looking into this.

Squad Builder – The Squad Builder boxes are producing about £10 per match. Jon suggested that part of the problem is the difficulty fans had feeding change through a small slot. To improve access Jon will look at obtaining some small barrels for the Harry Mac stand, that cash can be ‘thrown’ in.

Buy a Brick – The team have received numerous quotes from companies who offer this scheme and Ed will take the preferred quote to the board, this will be an exciting opportunity for fans/companies to have their name/logo added to the stadium for life. Watch this space.

Seals Lottery – We are still at a standstill with coverage of the Seals Lottery system. A commitment of 8 hours a week are required from a volunteer. Geoff to put it to the Senior Blues at next meeting to try and get a volunteer. Tracey has ordered 2000 new Seals Lottery forms, if anyone can help with a sponsored mail out please get in touch tracey.smith@chesterfc.com. This will be a great opportunity to invite fans not in the scheme to join and be in with the chance of winning up to £1000 per month!

Car Boot Sale – All agreed to wait until better weather, this will be planned in more detail at the next meeting.

Next meeting – Our next meeting is at the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium on the 17th February at 6.30pm and we welcome any new volunteers.