Seals Lottery Draw

The latest Seals Lottery draw has taken place with the random number selector ‘button’ being pressed by club office volunteer Keith Helsby, witnessed by CFU Board Secretary Marion Needham, Haidee McHugh of the Accounts Office and Director Brian Burns…Winners were :-


1st – £571.00 no. 187 Mrs. G Vincent

2nd – £428.25 no. 410 Mr T Hall.

3rd – £285.50 no. 994 Mr. M Foster

Total lottery prizes are also matched by funds going to the development of Chester Football Club

To join the Seals Lottery, download the Application form today via this link and you could be the next big winner or pick up a form from the ticket office.

The Seals Lottery is now open to anyone aged 16 or over, not just CFU members.