Streaming service launch

Chester FC will become the first club in the country to live stream all of its members meetings on the internet after two successful trials.

City Fans United members will now be able to watch the monthly members meetings from wherever they are in the world. The board hope that this will lead to members who live away from the city feeling more involved in the workings of the club despite their geographical distance.

The first meeting to be streamed will be the formal members meeting on Monday November 2nd, starting at 7.30pm. The AGM on November 26th will also be live streamed.

Communications Director, Neil Bellis, has been working with the Chester Exiles over the past year to find and fund the equipment needed for the streaming.

He said: “I am really pleased we have finally managed to find the right solution to be able to stream our members meetings. Bringing in streaming was one of the things I put into my application to stand for the board and I have been working on it from practically day one so it is great it will be here at last!

“I think this is a really important step for the CFU in our constant drive to be more open and transparent about what we do. Our monthly members meetings are the best place for members to get updates and question what the board is doing and I felt it was really unfair that exiled members were unable to take part.

“I have been working with Pauline from the Exiles for the past year on this and I’m very pleased that they have decided to fund the equipment which we need to stream the meetings and would like to thank them for their support and helpful advice during the trials.”

Pauline Meakins, Chair of the Exiles, said: “We think this is a brilliant way forward to enable all exiled CFU fans to become better informed and more involved in their club. It is pleasing that Neil and the Board have put a lot of effort in to make this happen!”

James Mathie, Head of Club Development at Supporters Direct said: “Supporter owned clubs thrive on transparency, communication and the involvement of their membership in decision making. We therefore congratulate Chester FC for taking this pioneering approach to enable Blues fans to participate in the club, wherever they are in the world.”

If you want to watch the stream of the next members meeting then please email before midday on Monday November 2nd for details about how to log on. You must be a member of City Fans United to watch.