Summary of board minutes February 2016

Summary of the board minutes February 2016

1. Matters arising from previous meeting

a. FLi – replacement arrangements, still awaiting further information

b. SO to roll out strategic plan to the membership at the next CFU meeting.

2. Risk management – a schedule of risks has been produced by the governance group and there is a plan for this to be looked at in more detail with the governance group at the end of the season.

3. Community stand – noted that a sponsorship deal with Swettenham Chemists had been agreed to name the West Stand.

4. Fundraising – the board is exploring options regarding a buy a brick scheme

5. Health and safety annual update – The health and safety action plan was reviewed and updated and will continue to be monitored on a regular basis Board links to volunteer groups

6. Volunteer groups – Agreed that the match day and hospitality group should be merged with Ed Jones as the Director link, he is also the link to the Fundraising group. Neil Bellis and Mike Day will continue to be the links to the media group. Simon Olorenshaw to link to the Stadium Maintenance Group. John Reddy – Governance group. Laurence Kirby – Finance Group. Anne Salmon and Jonny Hughes – Office and Shop. Alan Povey – Junior Blues, Senior Blues and Inclusive Blues. Chairman of each group to make sure their director has a copy of the notes of any meetings so key issues can be formally reported to the CFU board.

7. Finance – financial position remains the same as previously reported with a project loss for the year and further updates will continue to be provided

8. End of season event planned for 16th April at Mollington Banastre with tickets now on sale priced at £35

9 – MBNA sponsorship renewal – this had been discussed at the board and at the CFU meeting Simon was delighted to announce that sponsorship had been renewed for a period of three years full details are on the Club’s website.

10 – Youth Section – youth team still top of the league, Colts and under 16s merged, youth team final game being played at the Stadium, date to be announced and the North West Youth Alliance Cup to be held there. Scholarship scheme on hold.

11 – CFU forum – still work in progress.

12 – Training ground – discussions on going.