Summary of CFU board minutes May 2016

Summary of board minutes May 2016

1. The following were matters arising from previous meetings:
a. FLi contract – future website developments still under discussion 
b. Simon Olorenshaw meeting with more groups to continue the SWOC exercise

2. Governance reviews – Richard Lynes and Tom Jones had attended the board meeting to present the findings of the audit that had recently been undertaken in respect of practices and procedures within the club. This had highlighted a number of areas that needed improvements including communications, data management and clarity of roles. It was expected that all these areas would be addressed as part of the new management structure.

3. Review of the election policy – this had been requested at the last AGM and the board received a revised draft which incorporated a number of proposed changes. This will now be circulated to CFU members for comment with the aim of using it for elections at the next AGM.

4. CEO role – it was agreed that the post should be advertised as soon as possible.

5. Junior Blues relaunch – three categories of membership were proposed and agreed: a. Little Blues aged 0-4 – cost free b. Junior Blues aged 5-11 cost £5 c. Teen Blues aged 12-15 cost £7 The membership year would be in line with the CFU annually from 1st June. The overall aim would be to create a closer unity between younger fans and the first team with the ultimate aim being that Junior Blues would join the CFU. There will be a major media campaign as par to the relaunch.

6. Finance – shop sales had improved with a record £9k being taken on the day of the kit launch. The main focus for the finance team now is preparing the end of year accounts it is expected that this will be completed by the end of June.

7. Operations board – since the last meeting the main focus for the Operations board had been the appointment of a new manager. Following a number of end of season games, the pitch would be handed over to Mike Barrow, the grounds man to prepare it ready for the new season. Jim Keegan was completing his 3 year term as a director and Simon Olorenshaw was taking over as safety certificate holder on an interim basis until the CEO was appointed.

8. Commercial – Jonny Hughes was benchmarking our prices for sponsorship/commercial opportunities against other clubs.

9. Youth Academy – the board noted that the under 18’s had not been successful in the Presidents Cup Final and that they had two remaining games. These were both against Ashton Athletic, one was their final league game when they would receive the league championship trophy and the other was the open cup final. The board also noted that two of the youth team players had signed professional contracts – Matty Waters and Kieran Evans.

10. CFU – agreed that Jon McCarthy and Ian Sharps should be invited as the guest speakers at the next CFU meeting. Other issues to raise at this informal meeting will be for members to be made aware of the review of the election policy and the potential arrangements for the AGM. This is planned for October and the actual date will be set once the fixtures are agreed with the aim being for it to be on a Friday night prior to a home game.

11. Volunteer groups – Directors were asked to ensure that their groups met so that any proposals regarding changes required for next season could be considered as soon as possible. The following specific issues were noted:
a. Media team – are considering branding.
b. Maintenance team – have already identified a list of work to be done, some of which will need a financial investment, other work will be without cost but will need volunteer help e.g. Clearing the drainage grid on the car park, seat cleaning nearer to the start of the season.
c. Fundraising – arrangements for the car boot sale on 30th May were noted, although some details still had to be finalised. A Footgolf event was also planned for 2nd July and Eddie Bishop had agreed to be available for a sports persons dinner which would be a fundraiser for the youth academy.