Summary of December 2016 board meeting

At the AGM in November the board again made a commitment to try and improve communications and one of the ways of doing this is to provide a summary of the issues discussed at each board meeting. It is not possible to publish the minutes in full due to the commercial sensitivity of some issues.

In addition to the announcements that have already been made in relation to board appointments these are issues that were discussed in December:


• Portfolios for each director – at the moment there are more portfolios than directors so the board is working on co-opting two more directors. As soon as these arrangements are in place, full details of all portfolios will be announced.

• Youth section – there is still ongoing discussion regarding the development of the scholars academy

• Notice has been received that the arrangements that are currently in place with the Football league for the provision of the website will cease in June 2017. Options for new arrangements are being considered.

• Finance – Laurence Kirby is to undertake a full evaluation of the budget and income position.

• Volunteer groups – these had been set up over a year ago and some are working more effectively than others, as and when the new directors have settled in, they will be allocated a volunteer group in line with their portfolio.

• A schedule of board meetings for 2016 was agreed and also a schedule of CFU meetings for the first part of the year, as in the past they will be on a formal and informal basis alternately. These dates have already been published. A small group is being set up to look at how the current CFU membership arrangements work and this will include looking at membership cards.

• The board agreed to create a book of remembrance for members / supporters who pass away, this will be kept in the ticket office and at the first game of the year their names will be read out. This is something a number of clubs do.