The Board of City Fans United Canvas Members

City Fans United is the supporters group that owns Chester Football Club.
We have 1500 members, represented by an elected board of directors, who are responsible for running the club in line with the CFU constitution and our aims of being a community-focused, financially sustainable football club playing at the highest level possible.
To support our ambition for on-field success, the board recognises the need to grow and enhance CFU membership, making it easier to join and renew, simpler to make additional contributions for members who wish to do so, increase the number of members aged under 30, and ensure the benefits meet expectations.
The current membership fee of £12 has been in place since 2013, and we therefore wish to canvas members’ views on increasing this for 2024/25. We believe this has the potential to generate an extra £18,000, which would help towards the club’s running costs, allowing additional funds to be directed into football budgets.
We would appreciate CFU members taking the time to provide their feedback through a short survey, which has been emailed to the membership today. If you do not receive this email by Saturday 20 April, and you are a current CFU member, please contact