CFU Board Summary – April 2021


Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on 12th April 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris, Jeff Banks, Paul Bodman, Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Chris Robertson and Kieron Shiel.

Apologies: Alex Owen


Minutes of Meeting held on 8th March 2021 were recorded as an accurate record.


Andrew Morris stated that all Clubs had received a letter regarding the resignation of Brian Barwick, which would take place after the current season. Had spoken to Mark Ives regarding the EGM which had been called regarding the dissatisfaction of the National League Board. Andrew was also going to send an email to the National League regarding what the outcome would be if Clubs were forced to play behind closed doors. Email to be sent 13th April 2021.


Review of Actions – Independent Review regarding Stuart Murphy was now finished and had been put on the website. The Club would be seeking out a new cleaner as the current contract had expired. The skip which had been moved to the front of the club was going back to its original spot (behind the Harry Mac Stand), due to rubbish being disposed in it which was not from the club.


Finance – Chris Robertson had circulated a paper regarding the club’s accounts for the previous three years, in order for the Board to see what money would be needed to run the 2021/22 season. The Board were hoping that the season would return to “normal” with full crowds and no disruption. Contingency plans needed to be drawn up in case the challenges of COVID were still ongoing. One of the most important decisions to consider when the new season started, what would the capacity be for having fans in the ground and would we still have to be abiding by COVID regulations. An added worry was that there would be no government support for the new season. Another concern was whether the club would have to deal with social distancing if fans were allowed back.


Andrew stated that an advert had been put out for a new Finance Director but had not received any response so far.


Portfolios – All Board members had sent in their portfolio reports. Mike Vickers wanted it noted that any money raised for the Academy this year, must go towards their next year’s budget.


Staff Pay and Fundraising – It was noted that the Board felt staff had suffered during the COVID pandemic and would look at the figures. Kieron Shiel said he would do this as it fell under his portfolio. It was also decided that the holiday policy should be revisited to make sure staff were taking the holiday they were entitled to.


AOB – Jeff Banks mentioned that he had a request from Kaizen to put a logo on the reverse of the Season Ticket card, in the top right-hand corner.


Andy mentioned to the Board that Andy Fearon had passed away and would be sending the Board’s condolences to the family.