CFU Board Summary – December 2021

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on Monday 20th December 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chair), Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Kieron Shiel, Matt Dickenson, Jim Green, Adam Langan, Alex Owen, Charlotte Walker and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Paul Bodman and Jeff Banks

Minutes of Meeting held on 22nd November 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record with one matter arising from these minutes. The introduction of new portfolios, which were discussed at an informal meeting on 6th December 2021.

First Team Manager – Jim Green had circulated a paper to the Board regarding the recruitment process for candidates for the job of First Team Manager. The panel (which included an independent person) had interviewed five candidates. Three candidates were very strong. After discussion the job was offered to Steve Watson who came across as having clear and strong plans to improve the team and was very keen to work openly with the Board. He would get back to the Board the following day after discussing it with family

Update of Portfolios – Andrew Morris confirmed that all Board members had received their new portfolios. They would be reviewed again in three months

Finance – Matt had circulated a paper to the Board for figures for the year up to October 2021. The Club would be in a deficit of £80,000 so it is incumbent on everyone to mitigate any circumstances where savings can be made. Matt and Nick were in the process of putting together proposals to be presented to CWAC regarding finances for the Club.

AOB – Jim Green updated the Board on James Horsfield potentially leaving for another club and that Jamie Morgan was back. Nick Philipson had presented a paper to the Board regarding new floodlights. After discussion it was recommended that Nick consult with the company and Matt to get the work started.