CFU Board Summary – January 2022

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on Monday 24th January 2022 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chair), Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Kieron Shiel, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Charlotte Walker and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Paul Bodman, Jim Green and Alex Owen

Minutes of Meeting held on 20th December 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record.

Finance – Matt Dickenson circulated a paper for figures up to December 2021. Went through both income and expenditure. The Club had a deficit of £53,000 on top of the £100,000. The £53,000 is partly due to the money that is owed to the joint managers when they left.

AM stated that the Board needs to be concerned about the deficit and we need a stronger push to get sponsors on board. The deficit must come down to under £100,000. Concerns were raised about the commercial aspect, as we do not seem to be getting in actual money.

CW mentioned that a lot of work needs to be done on social media sites and bring it all up to date. NP suggested that we need to know the value of the estate ad it is his belief that we do not charge enough for out the grounds to third parties.

Portfolios – JB mentioned that the renewal period for CFU memberships commences on 1st March 2022. The renewals strategy will commence later this month, with relevant promotion of renewing. Is looking at obtaining further discounts for members from companies. Will continue with “Well Being” calls idea and the Junior Blues relaunch is ready to go. Nothing further on “Exiles” yet, but in talks with CW.

MV stated that there not much to report regarding the youth section. Was in talks with JG and CM regarding the U16s.

NP stated that Vinci had finished on site, and we had received the balance of money. The gate is ready to go back on but waiting for new hinges. A meeting with a company regarding renewing the cladding has been arranged. Contract signed for the floodlights which will be going in second half of March 2022. Contracts are up for renewal at Jaspers and the Blues Bar.

CW did not have much of an update, but had a few meetings lined up. Her priority is the audit of social channels and website.

AL had a fundraising meeting next week. Trying to get Seals Lottery increased and Boost the Budget. He wanted volunteers at the stadium to be given more specific jobs, so that they knew what they were expected to do. Short of matchday volunteers, which is proving challenging.

KS stated that his contact at Kappa had left. Is in contact with a new company and will be meeting them shortly.

AOB – A charge had been given regarding spectators’ behaviour but would most probably be paid by Curzon as they were the host team. A statement would be put out again regarding behaviour and explain the cost to the Club of having to police the games. CCTV had picked out individual throwing the bottle. There had been disorder down Bumpers Lane and at the station which resulted in the Police informing the Club that they would have to attend the game for Hereford (costing £1800). The Stewards need to be more pro-active towards fans who are misbehaving.

Date of next CFU formal meeting – This would take place at the stadium in the Blues Bar on Thursday 3rd March 2022. Doors open at 7pm for meeting to start at 7.30pm.