CFU Board Summary – July 2020

Summary of Board meeting held on Monday 20th July 2020 at 7.30pm by virtual conference.


Present:- Andy Morris, David Williams, Kieron Shiel, Paul Bodman, Adam Langan, Chris Robertson, Jeff Banks, Mike Day and Mark Jones. In attendance:- Nick Phillipson, Chris Robson and Jim Green


Chairman stated that the playoffs for the Club were now finished and we had made a profit (money coming in from central pay, 50% streaming income and money through crowd funder). It was proposed that the money went to the “Boost the Budget” scheme which was agreed by the Board.


Nick Phillipson stated that he and Paul Bodman had been looking at the catering facilities for the Club and had decided that it should be put out to tender once the contract with Dougherty & Allen came to an end. Dougherty & Allen had been told that the catering would be going out to tender and that they would need to apply.


The Club is in the process of gathering in any tenders and will report back to the Board.


The Board was still in dialogue with Stuart Murphy regarding his association with the Club.


Mark Jones informed the Board where the Club stood regarding COVID and getting the Club up and running for the new season. We would have to put in a great deal of work to make it possible for members to attend matches with social distance guidelines in place.


Online ticketing was the way to go, so the Club would know before the match who would be attending and could make the grounds safe for supporters.


Paul Bodman mentioned that the Club had received many compliments from parents regarding the “Young Drivers’ Course” which was being held on the car park. The scheme had been so successful that the gentleman running it asked whether he could use our car park as his permanent base. Provided it did not clash with any home game fixtures and we were compliant with COVID guidelines, there was no reason not to allow the company to use our car park, as we were getting a substantial income from it.


Kieron Shiel stated that he had been in communication with volunteers during the closure of the Club and was looking into re-opening the office. This could only be done when all safeguards had been put in place for them to return safely.


Jim Green stated that the King George Development was still ongoing and contractors had been appointed. Has put in a request for a donation. Mike Vickers has now replaced David Evans as Chairman of the Trust.


Jeff Banks asked the Board to send their thanks to the players for how well they had played in the play offs.