CFU Board Summary – June 2021


Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on 7th June 2021 by Virtual Conference

The Board did not hold an official Board Meeting in May.

Present: Andrew Morris, Jeff Banks, Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Chris Robertson and Kieron Shiel.

Apologies: Paul Bodman and Alex Owen

Minutes of Meeting held on 12th April 2021 were accepted as an accurate record.

Review of ActionsAndrew Morris went through the Actions that were still ongoing.  Chris Robertson had circulated the April accounts and would speak to Paul Bodman regarding setting up a commercial working group. Nick Phillipson would be liaising with Vinci regarding making good the car park area and was also waiting for a quote regarding a barrier for entry into the car park grounds   Kieron Shiel was evaluating allocation of George Delves tasks and duties amongst board members and volunteers.

Finance Chris Robertson had circulated a paper (3rd draft) based on a meeting held on 17th May.  The Academy’s budget had been altered and he had also removed George’s salary.  The players budget had been adjusted and included the pre-season trip to Bangor.  A deficit of £105,000 had been projected which the club is able to manage.  Chris had also circulated April’s Management Accounts, which the Board needed to read and send any comments to be discussed at the next IMG meeting.

Update on operational issues. – Jim Green stated that there was not much to report.  The day to day running of the club was going well.  It was emphasised that the gates must be closed every time someone enters or exits.  Kieron Shiel stated that volunteers were back at the club and seemed to have no issues.  Nick Phillipson reminded everyone that they need to sign in and out at reception.

Portfolios Nick Phillipson stated that there were issues with regards to Health and Safety which will need to be sorted.  Floodlight quote was ongoing.  The Club now has a new cleaner who will work on a Monday and a Friday.  Kieron Shiel stated that 1st team kits were ordered.  Had sold 92 “Away” shirts.  Retail is going very well.  There is a volunteers’ day booked for 4th July 2021.  Jeff Banks had circulated a paper regarding Season Ticket sales.  If sales continue to go as well as they seem to be doing, the Club will be able to open to general members.  Membership cards need to be produced.  Club needs to recruit for a Match Day host and a social media person.  Mike Vickers stated that the Academy teams would be staying under the Club rather than moving the younger age groups to the Community Trust.  Academy Teams would be moving from 8 teams to 4 teams, needing only 8 coaches.  Adam Langan stated that “Boost the Budget” already had over £79,000 which was very impressive.  The volunteers had been brilliant at helping.  Jim Green stated that the mangers had spoken to several people who they were interested in signing.

AOB – Mike Vickers had sent a quote to the Board regarding gym apparatus.  He was struggling to get three quotes as stated in our standing orders.  He would try and find another twoIf this was not possible IMG would pass the quote and make sure there is a clear audit trail that attempts have been made to get three quotes.

Adam Langan suggested that the Club starts marketing itself digitally to encourage more people through the doors.  A suggestion of putting posters on social media was made which the Board thought was a good idea.

Andrew Morris stated that there had been four nominations for “Club Person of the Year”.  He would send the names out to the Board to put to the vote.

Chris Robson had informed the Board that it was the time of year for consideration of the vacancies on the Board.  It looked as though the Board would need 4 new members.  We also needed a new contact as an independent scrutineer.  Andrew Morris would send across a name and contact.