CFU Board Summary – March 2021

Summary of CFU Board Meeting held on 8th March 2021 by virtual conference at 7.30pm.

Present:- Andrew Morris, Jeff Banks, Paul Bodman, Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Alex Owen, Nick Phillipson, Chris Robertson and Kieron Shiel.

Apologies: Alex Owen


Minutes of Meeting held on 8th February 2021 were recorded as an accurate record.


Andy Morris confirmed that the season had been made null and void and needed ratification by the FA. No mention had been made of a new league being formed for those Clubs wishing to try and continue. Our Club would choose to not be involved in that.


The summary which had been done independently by Richard Birchett regarding Stuart Murphy was to be put out on the members only website on 11th March 2021.


All staff furloughed full time at 80%, including contracted players. All players staying at the Club would be furloughed until June.


Chris Robertson had circulated a paper to the Board regarding the Management accounts. For January. There is a big drop in payments. Expenditure is relatively high compared to income. Projections expect this to continue until furlough and null and void are fed into the numbers. Next year will be more of a challenge. Club is waiting for decision on the application for the grant/loan. As Chris will be leaving the Treasurer’s post at the end of March, he had put together a simple framework for the budget to the Board.


With regards to commercial events, Paul Bodman stated that the Young Drivers had booked for another six months. A company had confirmed dates for showing films in the car park. The car park potholes will be sorted out in April or May. This work will be done by Vinci at zero cost.


Nick Phillipson had started to undertake a general review of the facilities at the stadium. Will create a maintenance schedule to help with future budgeting plans, prioritising floodlights, heating and painting. The caterer Aaron was considering catering on non-matchdays. Health and Safety survey to be done in May.


Jim Green had a conversation with the managers regarding scouts. Would like to take on Neil Hart. With regards to the Talent ID Event, had received a possible 180 sign ups. Hopefully, this can be whittled down to about 40. With regards to the Community Trust, waiting to announce the funding to the public.


Adam Langan stated he was holding a zoom meeting on 11th March 2021. Has asked Calum from Academy to join the meeting.


Jeff Banks had asked Kaizen whether it was possible to have stadium seat by seat on the system ready for season 2022/23 as with current Covid restrictions this could mean a similar situation to seating for the 20/21 season until we know more about restrictions post June 21st. Will revisit pricing when we know the size of the league. Membership renewals were launched on 1st March 2021.


Kieron Shiel was getting a design for the membership cards priced. A mail shot would e going out to CFU members only for the “Away Kit” design. The Club had achieved nearly £70,000 with regards to orders over the last year.


Andy asked Kieron to convey the Board’s thanks to the volunteers who had helped him out during COVID for all their efforts.


Under “Any other business”, Mike Vickers had circulated to the Board a paper regarding the Academy Scholarship and budget for 2021/22. After discussion, Mike said he would come back to the Board with more information. Andy asked Mike to let Calum know that the Board appreciates all his hard work commitment to the Academy.